5 Simple Weekend Outfits For Men
May 24, 2024

5 Simple Weekend Outfits For Men

Weekends are meant to be laidback. This is the time when you get to relax from the stress of the rest of the week, when you get to cool down - just sit back and enjoy some much-needed break from your work. So, it stands to reason that your weekend fashion should reflect the relaxed vibe of your leisure.

And you would want to keep your weekend outfits as hassle-free as your weekends themselves. Ironically, most people would say that it is considerably easier to dress for a work week than for a weekend. You can suit up for a meeting, but what do you do for a day trip on the weekend?

There is no such “dress code” for your free time, is there? But you still want to look collected. The truth is, curating weekend looks is actually not so difficult. With a few simple tricks, you can pick an outfit that is versatile, carefree and chic.

To figure out the best way to look phenomenal of your weekends, check out these five outfits that we have curated for your weekend fits.

  • Outfit Style - Simple, minimal weekend outfits for men
  • Our Most Favourite Look -  Beige Chinos + Navy T-shirt + White Sneakers
  • Occasion - Weekend outfits 
  • Featured - Wouter Kaan
  • Budget - Low to medium
  • Age Group - 20 to 45 years 
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5 Simple Weekend Outfits For Men

5 Simple Weekend Outfits For Men

Weekend Outfit 1

For this outfit, we are going to keep it quaint and functional, but relaxed. Remember the key to quaint looks is to make sure no single element of it becomes too overwhelming. Notice every individual piece in this fit is in a neutral color palette, but still looks very well chosen against each other?

Neutrals are always very easy to style, especially ones like the slate black tee and the black trousers here. Because you want to keep the look functional, go for some ankle-length trousers. And for the tee, remember that while you are going for a snug fit here, you don’t want something too tight. Go for simple, white sneakers.

5 Simple Weekend Outfits For Men #simple #outfits #mens #fashion

Weekend Outfit 2

Every single piece in this outfit needs to be on your rotation – because each piece here is so versatile that they will allow you to create multiple outfits with them. There’s nothing that we can say about a white shirt that hasn’t been said already.

Just keep in mind that unless you are going for a complete linen, you want to keep your shirt crisp and ironed. Olive shorts pair very well with most neutrals, and the simple white sneakers can be a constant from city trips to weekenders.

5 Simple Weekend Outfits For Men #simple #outfits #mens #fashion

Weekend Outfit 3

In case you are a fan of an all-black fit, this one is for you. For this one, you would need a snug-fit black crew neck tee, a simple black short that ends right above your knees and two accessories – a smart, classic watch in a silver tone, and a black cap.

Notice how the black cap here does not have any branding? It keeps the tone same, hitting all the right notes of a black monochrome look. Wear a pair of contrasting grey-white sneakers if you want to spice it up a little.

5 Simple Weekend Outfits For Men #simple #outfits #mens #fashion

Weekend Outfit 4

This look is perfect for a weekend at the bay, or just some casual strolls around the city, or even for a date night in the weekends. The navy-blue tee has been a standard for a while now, especially because the color adds a touch of intensity to even the most laidback looks.

If you like a gentle contrast every once in a while, go for fitted white trousers, and match it with white sneakers to keep the look fresh and sport. With most of these looks, you want to keep the accessories to fashionable minimum.

5 Simple Weekend Outfits For Men #simple #outfits #mens #fashion

Weekend Outfit 5

For those who enjoy a linen moment – this is just the perfect look. There’s summery freshness to it, even though the thin, narrowly striped shirt adds a certain formal flair to the look.

You want to keep looks like this one understated, so skip the accessories and let the match between the stripes and the shorts make your look concerted. The white sneakers are also perfect with this look. Now, you can regulate how formal you want the look to be with how unbuttoned you keep your shirt here.

5 Simple Weekend Outfits For Men #simple #outfits #mens #fashion

5 Simple Weekend Outfits For Men #simple #outfits #mens #fashion