Hi there, 

Super excited to see you here. 

I am Samay.

I am co-founder at LIFESTYLE BY PS from Ahmedabad, India.

For years I struggled to learn how to shop for clothes. My wardrobe was full of clothes but nothing good to wear.

Heck, I did not even know how to dress my age. (I was 24 years old either dressing like a teenage boy or a 45 years old grown up man).

I struggled to build a wardrobe that was perfect for me.

Honestly, I always felt like people around me didn't take me seriously because of the way I dressed.

I knew something needed to be changed.

So, I challenged myself to find a way, a perfect plan that will help me change the way I look forever.

I read, bought courses and learnt everything possible that will help me improve my overall personality.

Within a year I created a perfect plan to build my wardrobe that will serve me for life.

I learnt how to shop for clothes that look good on me and compliment my personality.

I learnt the vocab of the stylish men.

And within a very short period of time, I drastically improved my style and my overall personality.

I started getting attention from friends, colleagues, business associates and yes, girl friends too.

People started noticing & appreciating me, my style, my sense of dressing and the best part, they started asking me for advice.

The only reason I started this site is to help guys become the best version of themselves.

I've created these simple, easy to follow step-by-step guides for guys struggling to look their best.

1. How to Shop For Clothes - Click Here To Learn More

2. Men's Guide To Dress Shoes - Click Here To Learn More

3. Street Style Essential Wardrobe For Men - Click Here To Learn More

4. Essential Winter Outfit Formulas For Men - Click Here To Learn More

5. Capsule Wardrobe For Men - Click Here To Learn More

6. Style Mistakes Men Should Never Make - Click Here To Learn More

If you have any questions, feel free to be in touch with me directly at samay@lifestylebyps.com

Thank you for joining us. It means the world to me. 





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