Tips on Buying Mens Dress Shoes
May 04, 2021

Tips on Buying Mens Dress Shoes

We all have our preferences when it comes to the way we dress and present ourselves. Though men are not that popular for being choosy with their things, we can say that they maintain a particular standard when it comes to buying mens dress shoes. If you happen to be a newbie at getting the right type of dress shoes, feel free to use this guide as your reference. You will be surprised to see the difference between a pair that is well-fitting from one that is not.

A Useful Buying Guide for Men’s Dress Shoes

Any pair of shoes can be good, but whether it is perfectly suitable for a person mainly depends on the person who is going to wear it. Here are some pointers to make sure you get one that is perfect for you.

Measurement Matters

We all know that the feet need to be measured before purchasing a pair of shoes, but there is one fact that most people forget. This error often leaves them wondering why the shoes they recently bought won’t fit. The truth of the matter here is that the shape of our feet changes from time to time because of different factors.

It can be because of a sudden or gradual weight gain, edema, or something else. Hence, it is recommended that you have your feet measured in the store where you are to purchase your new pair. In this instance, they will be able to perfectly assist you and recommend the perfect size for you especially if you are to opt for wide feet dress shoes.

Get a Feel of the Shoes

While people are fond of getting almost everything they need from online stores and shops, it can be tempting to have one shipped and delivered to your doorstep in an instant too. This may work for some people, but not for everyone gets the perfect pair through an online purchase. Unless you are willing to take the risk of having dress shoes that do not fit you well, then you have to go try the pair personally yourself. It is always a good choice to buy your pair from a physical shop where you can easily try it easily.

Mind the Areas

Trying a pair of shoes for the first time can be hard to gauge. So a few pointers that you can start with would be to ensure that the middle of the shoes fit snug in the middle of the foot which means it should not be too tight or loose. Meanwhile, your toes should have enough space on the front end so it does not touch the toe cap. If you are a person who loves wearing socks, it is wise to stick to one type of thickness and have it on while you try the shoes personally. Since it gets warmer in the afternoon, our feet tend to swell more at that time so it is recommended that you do so in that time frame.

Shoe Details

If you are looking for something that will guarantee you the highest chance of satisfaction in your purchase, then you must go for leather as it allows your feet to breathe better and be accommodated well. Lining plays an important role too so make sure you get one that is made of leather and calfskin. You should also check out the soles, go for one that is leather, and make sure that it is stitched to the bottom of the shoes. As for stitching, it does not necessarily have to be clear and loudly visible, all that is important is that it should be neat and of good quality.

Cement vs. Welt Build

There are people who are stuck in a dilemma on whether they should stick to welt or cement. The difference between the two is that a welted build involves the sole of the shoe being stitched to the upper part while the cemented one is attached together by glue. With this being said, you can be sure that a sturdier choice would always be a welted one.

Get the Type for the Shape of Your Foot

We are all built anatomically different from each other. This means that there are varied foot types that require different shoe styles. There are more than 50 types of shoe classifications available in the market so make sure to learn about each one properly. The most popular types in the market include the Oxford shoes, Derby, Monk Shoes, and more.


These are just some of the many aspects that you should consider when purchasing dress shoes. Being a man does not take away your right to getting shoes that perfectly fit you. If you are going to shop for new dress shoes, make sure to keep these pointers in mind. This will help you get one that will make your feet feel comfortable even during long hours of use.

Tips on Buying Mens Dress Shoes