How To Dress Up Your Ripped Jeans
July 04, 2016

How To Dress Up Your Ripped Jeans

In love with your ripped jeans? But not sure how to wear it in a way that's not scruffy. 

We understand it's not easy for everyone to pull through ripped jeans with ease & style. Plus there are way too many places & occasions where ripped jeans would not look appropriate. 

You are at a potential risk of coming across as slob if you pair your ripped jeans with just a casual t-shirt or shirt.   

Sure, if you're a rockstar or a bad ass artist, you can probably throw anything over your ripped jeans and still manage to look okay. 

But that's not the case with everyone.

So, to help you pull off your ripped jeans, here's simple way to dress up your ripped jeans. 

The outfit is simple and you can play around with colors if you like. And the good part is that now you can now have as many ripped jeans you like in your wardrobe

Wear your ripped jeans with smart black blazer, white t-shirt & cool white sneakers. You can enhance the look by wearing wayfarer & a pocket square. 

how to wear ripped jeans

Ripped jeans

Photo Via @Konny100