4 Fashion Tips And Tricks To Dress Up Your Loungewear
September 21, 2021

4 Fashion Tips And Tricks To Dress Up Your Loungewear

The pandemic has changed many people's wardrobes. People now have more loungewear, from glamorous to trendy outfits of the day, since they spend most of their days inside their homes. But as more states are now allowing people to go out and mingle with others, there’s the need for a new wardrobe. 

However, instead of throwing your loungewear and changing it to other apparel, you can turn it into a stylish outfit. By doing this, you can save money and enjoy the comforts that loungewear offers while looking fab. With that, below are some tips and tricks to dress up your loungewear.

level up your lounge wear

1. Wear Cool Socks

A great way to vamp up your good old loungewear is to wear cool socks. Clothes for lounging are typically plain, so adding a pair of quirky and fun-colored socks makes the perfect accessory. One thing you can do is to match your socks with whatever you have planned for the day. Here are some ways to do it: 

  • If you're spending the day watching movies, you can try wearing a pair of film-inspired socks. 
  • If you're spending the day baking, you may opt for a pair with cute pastries on them. 
  • Or if you're hanging out with friends for a quick coffee, you can show off your inner passion for coffee by wearing a pair of espresso-inspired socks. 
  • Then if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, choose socks made out of bamboo fibers. These Australian socks even have fun designs you’d surely love. 

What's even great about socks is they pretty much go with anything, especially loungewear. Whether you're wearing neutral-colored loungewear or tie-dye ones, socks would most likely look good with them. Neutral loungewear is plain enough that bold-colored socks would match it perfectly. 

When choosing your socks for the day, pick a color that matches the shade of the clothes you're wearing. No worries if you're rocking a cute tie-dye sweater as there's certainly a pair of socks that would go well with that, too. Just stay away from mixing different graphics to avoid making your entire outfit look incohesive. Whatever you decide to pick, wearing cool socks is a great way to add a nice twist to plain loungewear. 

2. Opt For Fitted Sweatpants

You might be used to seeing baggy sweatpants, which are admittedly comfortable, though may not be exceptionally stylish. Luckily, fitted sweatpants are now a thing, and they're making a big difference in the loungewear game. If you want to style it a bit more, go for sweatpants with a fitter cut. These sweatpants are no less comfortable, but they're more stylish than the usual ones.

However, if you’re not much into sweatpants, you can opt for joggers. Just like sweatpants, they're also very comfortable, plus they even look more fashionable.

Dress Up Your Loungewear

3. Shop Around For Chic Leggings

Indeed, the pandemic has changed fashion, with loungewear options increasing day by day to cater to a wider group of people. Aside from sweatpants and joggers, you can go for a pair of leggings, which are also made for lounging. 

Perhaps leggings aren’t your thing, especially since they hug certain parts of the body, which you may not be comfortable about. But leggings are definitely back. When styled correctly, they can make the cutest bottoms for lounging. Leggings are perfect to pair with long shirts, particularly with fabrics like silk and cotton. You can also pair them with a minidress during the cold winter months to give you more warmth. 

When it comes to wearing leggings, it all boils down to style. You can wear a cute necklace, a fun pair of sneakers, or a gorgeous pillow bag. Ultimately, accessorizing something as simple as a pair of leggings can make or break your whole outfit. 

4. Revamp Your Outfit By Adding Cute Layers

Aside from the above, you can also try adding multiple layers to your lounge outfit, especially during the cold months. Recently, fashion brands have been releasing fun but comfortable outerwear. 

If you want, you can even sport a crewneck. Modern crewnecks have seen a change in design and are now looking less boxy compared to other shirts. Wearing a crewneck gives a very relaxed but trendy look, and it's a great way to style up an otherwise plain outfit. It could even go well with a sports coat.

But if you're going somewhere fancier and still want to remain comfortable, you can try a lounge top. This top goes well with dress pants or even blazers. They look very chic without sacrificing comfort levels at all. If you work in a corporation with casual Fridays, a lounge top with a pair of trousers is the perfect outfit to maximize both style and comfort. 

However, if you have nowhere to go for the day, sporting a perfect old hoody or cashmere may be the best way to remain cozy and cute. They're great for the chilly weather, where it's not too hot nor too cold. Then when it gets cooler, you can just add another layer to help you deal with the cold. 


Who says loungewear is only wearable when you're at home? Go out and flaunt your creative way of dressing up your loungewear. By considering the tips and tricks above, you can quickly transform your home apparel into a trendy outfit.

Dress Up Your Loungewear