How the Pandemic Has Changed Fashion
November 29, 2021

How the Pandemic Has Changed Fashion

The pandemic has completely changed our lives. From the way we work and socialize to the way we dress, life is completely different and it may never be the same again. Like many other industries, the fashion industry has been tremendously affected by the pandemic. People have been rethinking their spending habits, focusing on the necessities and ignoring luxury items.

Fashion designers are trying to cope up with the changes and creating clothes and other fashion items according to the demand and change consumer preferences. Here are some ways the pandemic has changed fashion. This will give you an idea of where the fashion industry is heading. 

Eye makeup

Since the beginning of the pandemic, eye makeup sales have skyrocketed – such as fake eyelashes, mascara, eyebrow products, eye shadows - in the US and throughout the world. This probably because it’s the only way people can express themselves behind the masks and standing several feet apart from one another. Not to mention that they want to look good on their Zoom calls! Conversely, the sales of lip products have declined as people can’t show off their lips when they’re wearing masks all the time. 

Comfortable shoes

During the pandemic, people are also buying fewer high heels and dress shoes since they have no parties or special occasions to go to. Instead, people are now more inclined to buy slippers, sneakers, flats, and other comfortable shoes that they can wear at home or in the office. Shoes with padded insoles and that offer other support to the foot are gaining popularity. More people are now focusing on maintaining their fitness, so shoe sales have also shifted towards athletic footwear. 

Basics are King

Few people are now buying special pieces, and preferring the basics such as making t-shirts, classic-cut jeans, and leggings. Not only is this attire more comfortable when working from home, but many people don’t have the money at the moment for expensive purchases. Designers have now responded by producing more basic options to meet the demand.

Zoom call outfits

Many people are now working from home. They may work in their PJ’s, but they don’t want to be in their sleep wear during Zoom meetings. So, they are looking for casual and comfortable wear that are presentable enough for a video conference. The tops or shirts are mostly what they are looking for as only the upper part of their outfit will be visible during Zoom sessions. 

Active wear

With gyms closed, many people are choosing to work out at home. The importance of staying fit and healthy during the pandemic cannot be overstated, so it’s not surprising that the demand for active wear has increased. People like to wear something fashionable while working out to get them into the right mood, and this niche fashion sector has boomed!

Face masks

Pandemic fashion would be incomplete without face masks. People have to wear these items whenever they are out of the house to prevent the spread of the disease. Fashionistas have embraced this, now wearing face masks to match their clothing. There are also gorgeous masks available for formal occasions. Companies like AusAir produces high filtering and reusable face masks that match a wide array of styles.

Loungewear and pajamas

With people staying at home most of the time they prefer to wear loungewear and pajamas. Top designers are now coming up with unique designs for loungewear and pajamas. They focus on the quality of the fabric so that these pieces are comfortable and long-lasting.


Gloves can add an extra something to your look during the pandemic. As COVID-19 can spread through surfaces, gloves can keep you safe and willing making you fashionable. Whether leather, fingerless or sheepskin gloves, you’ll protect yourself from picking up the virus and can add a cute accessory to every outfit!

Other trends

The pandemic also has changed consumer attitudes in terms of how they shop. People have moved towards online shopping, whether through necessity or for greater convenience. In many countries now this is the main way to shop for clothing and accessories. People now believe that clothing should be designed in such a way that they last longer and can be repaired if needed, as part of a shift to sustainable clothing.

Just because there are fewer parties, occasions, and celebrations nowadays, that’s not stopping people from being fashionable. They now want to stay at home in style. Social interaction generally takes place online and when they are on video calls, they like to dress up. So, the pandemic didn’t stop people from buying new clothes – instead, it’s only adjusted their tastes and preferences.

Designers have moved quickly to incorporate these changes into their clothes. They are coming up with designs that acknowledge today’s changing lifestyle. Brands that never made gloves and masks are including these in their lines due to the huge demand. Whether these trends will change once the pandemic is over, only time will tell!

How the Pandemic Has Changed Fashion