5 Smart Formal Outfits For Men #smart #formal #outfits #mensfashion #streetstyle
June 06, 2024

5 Smart Formal Outfits For Men

If you really think about it, smart formals combine two very basic and standard elements – a shirt, which is mostly fitted, and a pair of trousers with a more tailored cut. And logically, combining such staple elements should be pretty simple. But in actuality, this can prove to be a little tricky.

It is really easy to come across looking rather bland when it comes to these outfits. The real trick with smart formals is to make them look formal and chic. Of course, there are only so many colors and patterns available within this oeuvre of formal outfits.

If you are wearing something to work you do not want your outfit to seem out of place, so there are some limits to the ways you can experiment here. But you can still use your smart formals to state something about your personality. 

To understand how to strike that balance with your formal outfits, check out our guide to styling smart formals in the best possible way

Smart Formal Outfits For Men

5 Smart Formal Outfits For Men #smart #formal #outfits #mensfashion #streetstyle

Smart Formal Outfit Idea 1

This first one is perfect for a long day at work. Black shirts need no introduction whatsoever. They are smart. They are classic. And they will never go out of style. For a day at work, make sure you go for a black shirt in a more formal fabric than say – a linen.

You are going to keep this all buttoned up, especially because you want it to look formal but chic. The grey trousers would make for a great addition to your wardrobe. They are really versatile.

You want to keep the look minimalistic, so do not go for a very loud color on the shoes. If you want something a little playful but still formal, go for a pair of white sneakers with some branding on it, like the one here.

5 Smart Formal Outfits For Men #smart #formal #outfits #mensfashion #streetstyle

Smart Formal outfit Idea 2 

Like the first one works an outfit with one classic of male clothing, this second one works an outfit with another classic – the white shirt. Again, since you would probably want something well-fitted for your work outfit, do not go for the breezier linens.

White shirts are available in a wide range of fabrics, so you will have many more options. The trousers bring in a touch of edginess with the checkered pattern on the dark blue tone. If you want to go for something like this, make sure the pattern is not too contrasting. Style this with a pair of white sneakers.

5 Smart Formal Outfits For Men #smart #formal #outfits #mensfashion #streetstyle

Smart Formal Outfit Idea 3 

If you want a smart formal outfit with a blazer – this is the one for you. The combination here is pretty standard – a fitted white shirt, a pair of slate grey trousers with a matching slate grey blazer, and brown dress shoes. You can skip the tie if you do not want the look to come across as too formal.

The main contrast here, apart from the balance of the white and grey, comes from the wine-red tone of the underside of the blazer. Of course, this will only show in flashes, but the color does add an old-world charm to the rest of the look.

5 Smart Formal Outfits For Men #smart #formal #outfits #mensfashion #streetstyle

Smart Formal Outfit 4

The star of this fourth look is, without a doubt, the bold red loafers. Of course, this is more on the chic-er side. The rest of the outfit, if you look carefully, lets the loafers take centre-stage. The white shirt and the black formal trousers are both in a neutral tone, and they help make the outfit look more anchored.

Remember, whenever you are styling an outfit with a blazer, you should keep the under-layers of the blazer well fitted so that your silhouette looks neat. The grey blazer is a major part of the outfit here, since it will add a third contrasting tone to the red loafers.

5 Smart Formal Outfits For Men #smart #formal #outfits #mensfashion #streetstyle

Smart Formal Outfit Idea 5

If you want a fuss-free, low maintenance outfit that you can just put together for a long day at work, consider a combination like this one. Blue on blue has been a rocking combination for several decades now, especially in more formal circles and the reason is pretty simple.

A darker blue works well with a lighter blue, and the entire range of shades in this palette have an unmissable formal vibe to them.

5 Smart Formal Outfits For Men #smart #formal #outfits #mensfashion #streetstyle

5 Smart Formal Outfits For Men #smart #formal #outfits #mensfashion #streetstyle

5 Smart Formal Outfits For Men #smart #formal #outfits #mensfashion #streetstyle