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5 Casual Jacket Outfits For Guys

One can never have enough casual jacket outfits. These truly are the stars of every season. They come in really handy for a wide array of occasions, which is why if you are looking to stock up on these, you have to buy ones that you can really put to use. You cannot let your casual outfits look so casual that you look unkempt.

So, what is the trick to getting the casual outfits right? The trick to picking just the right kind of laidback pieces that can be versatile enough to be mixed and matched with each other is threefold – first, understand what “casual” means to you.

How do you define effortless and laidback? Do you like to stick to classic fits? Or do you want to foray into a more playful palette? Second, a lot of colors go well into both workwear and casual fits. You have to learn how to tone them according to the impact you want to make. 

Third and this is really important, just because the outfit is casual does not mean you can throw in any one piece with the other. You have to put in some effort to look effortless. Here are five outfit ideas that you can start with

  • Outfit Style - Casual street style outfits for young guys
  • Our Most Favourite Look - Gray Pants + White T-shirt + Denim Jacket + White Sneakers 
  • Occasion - Streetwear, daily wear 
  • Featured - Alessio
  • Budget - Low to Medium. 
  • Age Group - 22 to 40 years 
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Casual Jacket Outfits For Guys 

Casual Jacket Outfits For Guys

Outfit 1

A lot of people think that jackets can only be worn with formal wear. That is not the case at all. In fact, jackets can really help you spruce up a look. See how the military green jacket adds a level of flair to the look, while the white tee and the white sneakers add a classic charm to it.

You can experiment with a different kind of green too, but try to keep it in a darker muted shade, especially if you are going for a dark blue trouser like this one.

5 Casual Outfits For Guys #casual #style #mensfashion

Outfit 2

Here’s a really classic and chic outfit with one of the best jackets for casual wear – the corduroy jacket. Corduroy jackets are considerably more free-flowing than jackets made from other fabrics, so keep the rest of the look fitted and neat.

You can go for a standard white round-neck t-shirt (but make sure the tee has a comfortable fit and does not hang too low) and classic blue denims with some white sneakers. With the sneakers make sure they are well-cleaned, so that they do not take away from the neatness of the rest of the outfit.

5 Casual Outfits For Guys #casual #style #mensfashion

Outfit 3

We cannot discuss jackets in classic outfits and not talk about the finest of casual jackets – the denim jacket. Denim jackets are only about a decade younger than denim pants themselves, so they have been hanging around in male wardrobes for almost one-and-a-half centuries now.

And they have had that kind of life for a reason – they are super easy to style and equally comfortable. This outfit lets the aged denim shade to really stand out by keeping the rest of the outfit muted. The white tee and the white sneakers are a constant through all of these. The dark grey trousers add a moodier tone to the whole look.

5 Casual Outfits For Guys #casual #style #mensfashion

Outfit 4

If you want to add a more suave, sleek appeal to your look, go for a flight jacket. Flight jackets were introduced for pilots and military men, because their snug, comfortable fit allow for a great deal of flexibility.

You can style these jackets in many different ways, like the longer white tee and the ripped denims here. You can add some contrast to the look with black sneakers, but try to use white laces to keep the whole look concerted.

5 Casual Outfits For Guys #casual #style #mensfashion

Outfit 5

To make a really debonair and edgy statement while keeping it chic and casual, consider the biker jackets. The trick with biker jackets is in keeping them at the centre of the look. Because of their cut and their polish, biker jackets tend to draw a lot of attention.

So, try not to make the look too busy. See how the white tee, and a simple fitted denim work wonders for this outfit? It lets the biker jacket become the pièce de resistance of the look. You can match these with black sneakers that complement the jacket, and accessorize with classic dark shades.

5 Casual Outfits For Guys #casual #style #mensfashion

5 Casual Outfits For Guys #casual #style #mensfashion

5 Casual Outfits For Guys #casual #style #mensfashion