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How To Pick The Right Workwear For Men

Not everyone may be familiar with where the term blue collar or know its origin.

Office workers who used pen and paper as their source of livelihood have always preferred a clean, well put together an outfit that could be easily cleaned and worn a couple of times over.

Blue collar workers were the complete opposite. Their source of livelihood was more hands-on and involved more physical activity.

By default, their choice of dressing needed to be robust, hardy and also had to be able to hide all the dirt from a hard day’s work.

They wore shirts made out of cotton, which had been dyed with cheap indigo dye and the term blue collared man was coined from this.

Over the years, there has been needing to improve the quality of dressing for the blue collar man.

This is mostly because you are the face of the quality of work you put out. Your appearance can affect how people perceive you and whether or not you get repeat business. 

Workwear for men should address two major points; protection and function. Let us look at function first. Workwear for men should always be a good fit.

There are recorder accidents that took place just because somebody wore clothes that were a bit too big and or generally ill-fitting.

This is not only dangerous as you go about your duties at work but also gives off bad first impressions.

You want to find something that makes you look confident and smart all whilst being comfortable. A working man who takes time to find workwear that fits him well will be more desired than one who does not. 

Protection cannot be overemphasized for the blue collar man and in the same breath, the importance of workboots for blue-collar work cannot be overlooked.

Safety shoes are long lasting boots that are used to be mostly steel capped but now a days you can get them a lot of other varieties as well.

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A working man needs to find safety vests that fit him well will be more desired than one who does not.

The soles of work boots are re-enforced to prevent any injuries that might occur from accidental punctures from stepping on sharp objects while the capped top protects the toes from heavy objects that might fall on your feet.

The industrial environment is not the safest and this is why every blue collar man should consider getting a pair of high-quality work boots.

They can be stylish and their long-lasting nature means that they can last you a long time without needing replacements. 

How To Pick The Right Workwear For Men