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5 Cool & Casual Outfits For Men

What exactly do we mean when we say cool and casual outfits? Simply put, cool and casual outfits are the ones that might take a lot of thought and effort to curate, but they will look so seamless, that they will appear to be pretty effortless while worn. The true triumph of putting in effort into the way you dress, is when it looks organic on you. That is when the effort actually pays off.

You would think that casual outfits would automatically imply a certain degree of coolness. It actually does not. Casual simply means that there is no particular dress code that you are sticking to.

And that effortless part that we were talking about? That is what brings in the “coolness” in effect. Every casual outfit, no matter how laidback, how effortless – should have a certain, unmissable charm about it. And that is precisely what we are trying to establish through the outfits in this list. 

In these five outfits, we have curated some dapper looks for you. Check out how you can combine some of the most casual elements into an uber cool look

  • Outfit Style - Smart casual outfits for men
  • Our Most Favourite Look - ee shorts +  Black Jeans + Black T-shirt + Denim Jacket + Brown Suede Boots
  • Occasion - Shopping, going out to the bar with friends 
  • Featured - Magic_ Fox
  • Budget - Medium to High. Jackets can be expensive. 
  • Age Group - 24 to 50 years 
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5 Casual Outfits For Men

Casual Outfits For Men

Outfit 1

Let’s begin with the basics. Every color that you see in this outfit is an understated neutral tone, except for the ochre cap. The white linen tee and the beige trousers are meant to be worn in the summers, and both of them have been summer staples for a long while now.

The neck of the tee hangs pretty loose, so it adds a lot of laidback charm to the outfit. Keep the trousers fitted, but comfortable. And for the cap, try and go for one that does not have an embroidery or a graphic. Every individual piece in this outfit is in a monotone, and that really helps to keep the look together.

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Outfit 2

If we were to imagine a spectrum between casual and formal, denim shirts would perhaps fall right in the middle of that spectrum. Denim shirts can be styled in multiple ways, especially those in a lighter shade like this one. This is a really fitted shirt, so it is meant to have a sharp, slightly dressed-up appeal to it.

You can catch only a glimpse of the white tee underneath, but it subtly complements the white sneakers here. The black trousers add a darker tone to this otherwise summery look, so you can very easily take this outfit from day to night.

5 Casual outfits for men #mensfashion #casualoutfits #casual #style

Outfit 3

With this one, we are letting the white tee show. Remember, the white tee is the base of your whole look, it is what keeps your whole look together, and the rest of the colors in your outfit are balanced on this. So, keep your tee neat and clean. The star of this look is this grey Harrington jacket with the stripe detail at the wrists and the collar.

It has an understated coolness about it, that is enhanced by the contrast of the classic denims and the white tee. Pair this look with some white sneakers. You can also accessorize with some fun bracelets and a watch, but stick to a silver tone to keep the whole look together.

5 Casual outfits for men #mensfashion #casualoutfits #casual #style

Outfit 4

While most of us stick to jackets in darker shades when we are not going for ones in denim, light-colored jackets offer a certain individuality. They are very graceful, and when styled well, they can make a strong fashion statement.

You can coordinate your light-colored jacket with a classic white tee, and contrast that palette with a pair of black trousers. You can also add some color with suede shoes, and accessorize with a sleek belt chain.

5 Casual outfits for men #mensfashion #casualoutfits #casual #style

Outfit 5

For our fifth look, let’s go for a classic – the denim jacket. Denim jackets combine practicality with their debonair charm. They can have a great impact on your look, immediately adding a lot of coolness to it.

To let your denim jacket make the statement, keep the rest of the look understated. You can also have a denim-on-denim moment with black denim trousers, and pair it with camel shoes. These will add just a touch of contrast to the denim texture of the rest of the look.

5 Casual outfits for men

5 Casual outfits for men