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5 Jacket Outfits For Men

Most would consider jackets a little tricky to style. And we admit, the sheer variety of them can make them a little intimidating, especially since they also have a seasonal aspect to them. Even though you can make a summer jacket into a light winter outfit, you have to layer it smartly.

But they do offer a huge advantage – they can take even the most basic outfits to a voguish, dapper look. You just have to make sure of two things – one, that the cut suits the base of your outfit. And two – you cannot be tempted to put a lot of stuff into the pockets, because it will bulk up the jacket on either side unevenly, ruining the charm of the look. Jackets are meant to look sophisticated and give you comfort, but don’t overuse the pockets at the cost of their appeal.

Since picking the right jacket can take such deliberation, we have curated five outfits and broken them down for you to navigate jackets outfits better.

  • Outfit Style - Casual outfits with simple jackets 
  • Our Most Favourite Look - Black Jeans + White T-shirt + Denim Jacket 
  • Occasion - Daily wear, going out with friends
  • Featured - ALEX COSTA
  • Budget - Low to Medium. 
  • Age Group - 24 to 50 years 
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Jacket Outfits For Men

5 Jacket Outfits For Men

Outfit 1 

Both the outfits here show you the many ways in which a blouson jacket can be styled. Blouson jackets are super convenient anyway – they are usually made from water-resistant material, so trust them to keep your inner layer dry and warm in the monsoons.

You can take a beige blouson and style it with an olive t-shirt, or take a navy-blue blouson and style it with a crisp white shirt. Whichever way you choose to go, make sure there’s a contrast, and that the trousers, denim or formal, balance it out. And try to keep the accessories to a minimal.

5 Jacket Outfits For Men #jacket #outfits #mensfashion

Outfit 2

We cannot talk about styling jackets without talking about the star of all seasons – the denim jacket. Invest in the right one and you might just have an heirloom to pass down through the generations. To get a really collected and classic look, combine a dark denim jacket with dark denim pants.

Balance the look out with a white tee and grey-white sneakers. Denim jackets have two tones on the outside and the inside, which is why white tees work so well as a base. If you are picking a different color for the tee, make sure it works with both tones.

5 Jacket Outfits For Men #jacket #outfits #mensfashion

Outfit 3

This is the other star of jackets – the biker jacket. Biker jackets have a really organic edge to them, seeing that they were created to cater to bikers who flirted with danger for the thrill. We recommend pairing a standard black jacket with a plaid shirt, like the outfit here.

Keep the trousers simple with a black color to complement the jacket. Biker jackets do have conspicuous zips on them, so keep the accessories to a minimum to keep the look clutter free. You can go for a watch like the black-strapped one here.

5 Jacket Outfits For Men #jacket #outfits #mensfashion

Outfit 4

This outfit is proof that you can make even casual jackets seem much dressier if you know how to really use their color to your advantage. The grey of the jacket is left undisturbed with the plain white tee, and the black trousers allow the jacket to take centre-stage, even though the whole color palette is understated.

This is a really versatile outfit, making it perfect for trips, dates, casual strolls or semi-formal dinners. The classic neckpiece adds a statement to the outfit without taking away from its timeless charm. You can wear a different neckpiece, but make sure it isn’t too chunky.

5 Jacket Outfits For Men #jacket #outfits #mensfashion

Outfit 5

But what if you want to take the accessories up a notch? Keep the other elements of the outfit so that the accessories can shine through. The classic denim jacket can do exactly that for you. Use a white t-shirt as the base, and pair it with black trousers.

You can wear a charming bracelet, layer some neckpieces, wear a watch. Just keep one thing in mind to keep the whole outfit coordinated – the denim jacket will probably have buttons of a certain tone. Make sure the accessories either match or complement that tone, so that the outfit looks put together.

5 Jacket Outfits For Men #jacket #outfits #mensfashion

5 Jacket Outfits For Men #jacket #outfits #mensfashion

5 Jacket Outfits For Men #jacket #outfits #mensfashion