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Watch Styles Every Man Should Know

Table of contents:

  1. style. Classic watch
  2. style. Field clock
  3. style. Aviators
  4. style. Divers
  5. style. Racing
  6. style Dress watch

Dress formality levels

How not be mistaken with the choice of the watch?

Men are limited in accessories, so the minimum they have fully reflected their personality and uniqueness. A watch can build or spoil any image. The style of your watch should match the overall look.

1 style. Classic watch

The first watch style that I want to discuss is the classic watch and when I think about what one word can describe it, the word elegance comes to mind. By elegance, I mean simplicity.

Look at the dial. The numbers are sometimes not even used. Instead, matching lines or roman numerals

When we look at the clock, we do not see any additional windows. As for the case, it is thick enough to fit right under the shirt. The strap is usually made of dark leather, as light leather is more casual. If you are purchasing a classic watch, make sure the strap matches your clothes or you can change it. In addition, gems are often added.

Classically designed timepieces are perfect watches to be worn with suits and other formal attire.

2 style. Field clock

Now let's talk about field watches and the word that characterizes them is durability. Field hours came to us from the First World War, when military officers had to solve the problems of artillery control, positional warfare and for this to orient themselves in time. They came together to make a decision

and used another characteristic of this watch - the second hand with the ability to stop. What does it mean? You can stop the second hand and so it is easier to set the general exact time in a group of people.

Pay attention to the high contrast on the dial.

The dial on a field watch is often huge, larger than on other models. The reason for this is that using such a watch, there is a need to instantly look at the watch and know the time. The strap is often made from nylon and other materials that can be easily replaced.

3 style. Aviators

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of this watch is an adventure.

In fact, the first aviators were nothing more than field watches that pilots began to wear, but over the decades, the needs of pilots have changed, which is reflected in the watch, and it has acquired several main characteristics. First, aviators usually use a black dial with white numerals. Secondly, there are buttons on the side of the case that allow you to turn on or off the stopwatch, time, and chronograph. Yes, there are often many chronographs on the dial, the time zone, which is very typical. And finally, the main character, but not in all aviators, is the circular disc, which can be set in the desired position.

4 style. Divers

The next model I want to talk about is divers and when I think about them the word gamble comes to mind.

This is a watch that will withstand the pressure of a huge water column. When a person is in the dark and with a limited amount of oxygen, you need a watch that you can rely on, and that will definitely not let you down. Aviators are built to withstand tremendous pressure, which is why sapphire crystal is very often used. In addition, divers are naturally waterproof. For divers, a strap with rubber or silicone inserts is used, the strap is slightly looser to put the watch over a wetsuit. We will also see on them the dive time counter, this ring turns only in one direction. The point is that this will allow you to be aware of how long you have been underwater.

5 style. Racing

The word for this watch is an individualist. Actually, the man shows himself, but according to his own rules. And so, what is cool about this watch is that it is not limited to some kind of frame, as seen in previous models. In these parts, the colors and designs are quite utilitarian, very simple. There is more fun in a racing watch, here we see bright colors (bright blue, red, orange)

The two main characteristics besides brightness are the chronograph and the tachometer, which are turned on to determine the distance.

6 style Dress watch

Dress Watch is an executive watch with a simple white dial, austere design, black leather strap, no-frills. They have nothing to do with sports, so they only show the time, and in some models - the date. You can find them on

Dress formality levels

White collars are for formal occasions. According to strict rules of etiquette, it is considered rude if you come to such an appointment with a watch. A laconic representative watch with a black leather strap will defy any objections. Pay attention to the brands: Longines (Master Collection), Tag Heuer (Carrera collection), Ulysse Nardin (Classico collection).

Business suit - it is better to come to a business meeting wearing a gold or silver watch on a thin strap without jewelry or with minimal decor. A dark conservative suit works well with an executive watch or a diving watch with a leather strap. The brands Maurice Lacroix (Pontos collection), Frederique Constant (Slimline Moonphase Manufacture collection), Tag Heuer (Formula 1 collection) will help to create the desired image.

Business casual - this style allows a little more liberties. A light-colored suit without a tie is combined with a sports watch, an aviator watch, or a field watch.

Casual - the metal strap makes the watch less formal. It is more appropriate for the casual style, while the leather strap suits any purpose. Watches of all listed categories can be worn with jeans, chambray shirt. An electronic watch should be worn only with casual clothes. For both casual and business casual we recommend brutal Breitling (Colt collection), charismatic Ulysse Nardin (Marine Chronograph collection), versatile Rado (HyperChrome collection).

Athletic Style - You probably don't just wear sportswear. Most likely, you are a lover of an active lifestyle, and such an important accessory as a watch should meet your requirements - the strap does not unfasten, the case is strong, there is a heart rate monitor, and a number of other functions. For men who prefer an active lifestyle, brands are suitable: Certina (Eagle collection), Longines (Hydro Conquest collection), Tag Heuer (Aquaracer collection).

How not be mistaken with the choice of the watch?

The formality of the watch must match the formality of the image

The first thing to remember: watches with a 12-hour dial are considered more formal, suitable for business meetings, and electronic watches are more suitable for a light casual style.

Skin complements skin

The color of the strap should match the color of the shoes and belt, so leather bracelets should be interchangeable and different.

Metal complements metal

The metal strap and watch case should be matched with any other metal accessory in your clothing.

Plastic straps are only acceptable with electronic watches

But the leather strap with them will look very strange.

Chronographs can only be worn with a sporty look

We do not recommend getting inspired by James Bond movies and trying to pair this watch with a business suit. You might as well wear work boots under your suit.

Watch Styles Every Man Should Know