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How To Buy Men's Boots

Choosing a pair boots can almost be as difficult as naming your pet or first born baby. Trendiness, price, color and style compete for primacy.

Still, add longevity, versatility, comfortability, that is, cool when hot and warm when cold, the task just becomes overwhelming.

The good thing is, you do not need to be a pro to come up with specifications or qualities of boots that will serve you well. Ideally, a good pair should guarantee you good traction, good look even when the weather is dull and above all, provide stable support.

Men's boots are of many styles, but they are grouped into 5 main categories: Chukka, Chelsea, Technical, Dress and Wellington boots.

It's advisable that any man's wardrobe should contain at least two pairs, ideal for both casual weekends and smart work appointments. Let's take a closer look at how to buy men's boots.

How To Buy Men's Boots


Quality of the material.

Boots made of quality material are a classy addition to any man's attire. It crucial you find exceptional quality regardless of whether it is made of rubber, canvas or leather.

This will prevent you from spending every now and then while improving your looks. A bit of experience and closer look should be enough to let you know if the material is great or not.

For instance, people tend to think quality leather should be synthetically processed to look extra shiny and attain flawlessness, that's not true! Appreciate leather material should have grainy, Matt and wrinkled nature of feel to it.

Generally, boots made of quality material are expensive but are worth the bucks you spend on them.

However, at somiarthreads we guarantee you both quality and pocket-friendly price. We have boots in all styles and colours.


Outer appearance.

Just as you put an effort to match the right shirt with the right trousers, your boots should match your code of dressing too. Boots have a great impact on your style, be sure to pick men's boots that amicably match your dress.

For office trousers, the dress boots will be perfect and if you are more into casual t-shirts, chukkas will give you a great deal of diversity.

You should think also about the shape, buckle or laser closure and the waist of the boots. Be sure to check the current trends of men's boots

The longevity of the boots.

A good pair of boots should make you stand out as well last for an appreciable amount of time.

Boots having good arch support for your feet accompanied by a smooth or rough surface and a thick, hard and flexible sole usually last for long. Proper scrutiny of the boots will allow you to judge these features and decide whether it satisfies your long-time and fashionable needs.

Overall comfort.

This should actually be at the top of the list. When buying new boots, you are investing in the health of your feet. Regardless of whether the boots ticks all the boxes of quality material, trend, affordability, stylishness and still makes you feel uncomfortable, it is all pointless.

Prior to any purchase, wear the boots with appropriate socks while at the men's boots store and take few steps slowly.

This will help you decide if the boots fit well or are exerting much pressure on your toes or the feet in general. We have experts at somiarthreads who aim at giving you the best advice when it comes to your feet health.


When are you going to put them on?

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, boots with full lace up would be a great choice. For proper protection, look also for boots with gusseted tongues as they will offer extra protection from all angles.

On the same note, it is not a good idea to walk into the office with your wellies on. Think on how and when you are going to use the boots, this will allow you to buy accordingly.


Bottom Line

In the past, footwear had been considered to be a fashion obsession for the ladies. The trend seems to be changing and men to are presented with the dilemma of choosing the best boots and shoes that meet their needs while keeping them stylish.

How To Buy Men's Boots

fashion ebooks

fashion ebooks

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