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5 Polo Shirt Outfit Ideas For Men

There are two features in a polo shirt that really differentiate it from other clothing styles. The first is its iconic neck. Polo shirts combine a certain sportiness with the formal appeal of standard collars, but retain the casual vibe of tees. The second, of course, is its fabric. Polo shirts have knit cotton, instead of woven cotton – which is what gives it its iconic texture.

You might be wondering, what does the style of its collar or the texture of its fabric have to do with how we style it? Well, it actually dictates a lot. The collar defines where and how you can wear it, and the fabric decides the exact fit of your tee. So, whatever the kind of polo shirt you pick for yourself, you have to factor those two aspects in.

Polo shirts usually have a very snug fit, and they are supposed to make your outfit more functional, so you have to make sure the other elements of your outfit complement that vibe. Even though polo shirts can be styled in multiple ways, they have a certain character, and you want that to stand out.

So, check out these five simple but suave ways of styling a polo shirt that we have curated for you, so that you can look uber chic in them

  • Outfit Style - Casual outfits with polo shirts
  • Our Most Favourite Look - Black Pants + Grey Polo Shirt + Sneakers
  • Occasion - Daily Streetwear, Going out with friends, travelling 
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  • Budget - Low to Medium
  • Age Group - 24 to 45 years 
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5 Polo Shirt Outfits For Men

5 Polo Shirt Outfit Ideas For Men

Outfit 1

We are starting with one of the most underrated color combinations here – a cadet gray polo neck tee, and a pair of slate gray denims. You would probably have seen this color combination in formal wear very often, but it is not so common in more laidback combinations such as this one.

But it does make for a really fashionable statement. Style it with a solid black belt and black dress shoes, and you will have a really proportionate look – semi-formal, chic and fashionably sporty.

5 Polo Shirt Outfits For Men #poloshirtoutfits #streetstyle

Outfit 2

You simply cannot do without a grey polo neck. While they come in many different tones of grey, a warm grey polo neck shirt can look phenomenal – especially for a light autumn or late summer look. Pair it with black chinos and a matching black belt, and you would have yourself a really balanced look.

Of course, the star of this look is the wonderful pair of sneakers, that match the warm grey tone of the tee, and contrasts it with some white laces. The trousers in this case are above the ankle, so there’s going to be some attention on the sneakers. So, keep them tidy and neatly tied.

5 Polo Shirt Outfits For Men #poloshirtoutfits #streetstyle

Outfit 3

The other shade that you absolutely have to have in your collection, is a polo neck in brooding, black tone. Black has always made a statement, and in a cut as iconic as that of a polo neck, it is bound to draw some attention. So, you want to keep the fit collected and clutter-free.

You can contrast the black tone with a pair of beige trousers to keep the look chic. The polo neck you see here has a white stripe detail on the collar, which adds just a hint of contrast to the tee.

5 Polo Shirt Outfits For Men #poloshirtoutfits #streetstyle

Outfit 4

For this look, we are going for a grey color in the polo neck again, but in a cooler tone. Cool-toned greys and dark denims are a match made in heaven. They always look very balanced and neat, so you do not need to worry too much about keeping the look concerted.

The really interesting thing about this outfit though, is how the warm brown of the penny loafers and the belt helps contrast the cool tones of the tee and the denims. If you are going for this, pick the belt and the shoes in the same shade of brown.

5 Polo Shirt Outfits For Men #poloshirtoutfits #streetstyle

Outfit 5

We can’t curate a list of polo neck outfits and not talk about one in a dark, stand-out color. Red polo necks have a hint of reckless charm about them. They are bold, they are fashionable and they are surprisingly easy to style. It is mostly to do with the fact that warm reds can very easily be contrasted and balanced with neutrals – like the black trousers or the white sneakers here.

5 Polo Shirt Outfits For Men #poloshirtoutfits #streetstyle

5 Polo Shirt Outfits For Men #poloshirtoutfits #streetstyle

5 Polo Shirt Outfits For Men #poloshirtoutfits #streetstyle