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5 Beach Outfits For Men

Beach outfits need to be three things – breezy, comfy and easy to clean. The best beach outfits that you see may look like they were thrown together at the very last minute, but that is most often not the case. Especially because beaches are almost always tricky, ambience wise, beach outfits need some thought. 

First, beaches are going to be humid. So, you would want something that can handle that, something that will let your skin breathe. Second, there’s a very high chance of you getting either water or sand on your outfit. You have to pick something that retains its charm even after a rigorous wash.

Third, if you are going for a swim, you would want something that does not roll up unceremoniously. That could completely ruin the appeal of the look. When you really think about it, beach outfits require you to think about all of these things in advance.

So, how do you put together something that you can wear to a beach without the temperature or the water messing it up? We have decoded five outfits to help you out.

5 Beach Outfits For Men

Beach Outfits For Men

Outfit 1

If you are going to go for a beach vacay, you are probably going to be living out of shorts. So, you might as well make them worth your while. Denim shorts like the one here are easy to style and super comfy. You can wear them throughout the day. Throw a sleeveless tee in and pair it with some sneakers.

Remember to contrast the denims though – a darker tee really brings out the lighter denims. You can also accessorize with a bandana. But remember, this is not appropriate for swimming because denims are notoriously difficult to clean.

5 Beach Outfits For Men #beachoutfits #mensfashion

Outfit 2

You could go for something even breezier. This is also an outfit for a beachside walk, but you can fashion it into something that can brave the sand. Pair a white tank top with a printed Hawaiian shirt and shorts, with a pair of black sneakers. You just have to coordinate the shirt with the shorts to keep the outfit balanced.

And if you are wearing a printed shirt, keep the rest of colors solid. Too many patterns can make your look a little messy. You could also accessorize with a chain. Carry a tote and put an extra pair of sandals in it, so that you can go to the beach without messing up your sneakers.

5 Beach Outfits For Men #beachoutfits #mensfashion

Outfit 3

With this next outfit, we are going straight into the beach. Perfect for a sunbathing session or just casually hanging out at the beach, this outfit sticks to perfect summery monochrome.

If you are the kind of person who does not like the heat of beaches, try on lighter color palettes like this one – a white linen shirt and pale cotton shorts. White linen helps reduce the heat, and you will be able to withstand the humidity for longer periods of time.

5 Beach Outfits For Men #beachoutfits #mensfashion

Outfit 4

You can also experiment with black graphic tees. But notice how this outfit balances the dark tee out with the light shorts and how the light shorts are coordinated with the open toe sliders? The neck of the tee is too high for you to accessorize with neckpieces, but you can add a cap to spruce the outfit up a little.

With most beach outfits, you would notice that the fits are quite relaxed. Go for airier graphic tees instead of ones with a snug fit, and don’t go for very baggy shorts if you want them to be longer. It would not work well with a look like this.

5 Beach Outfits For Men #beachoutfits #mensfashion

Outfit 5

This last outfit is one of the most classic looks you can sport in a beach. It is right between formal and laidback. The color palette, with the baby blue and the beige, is really classy, as is the cut on the shirt. It is perfect for a beachy date and for a stroll around the beach.

With the shirts though, make sure it is not particularly windy when you tuck it in because it will puff up the shirt otherwise. If it gets too windy, untuck the shirt. Wear beige sneakers with the outfit to keep the colors grounded.

5 Beach Outfits For Men #beachoutfits #mensfashion

5 Beach Outfits For Men #beachoutfits #mensfashion

5 Beach Outfits For Men #beachoutfits #mensfashion