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5 Fresh Short Outfits For Men

If we could, we would be lounging around in our shorts forever. And can you blame us? Shorts are the comfiest clothes to exist. They are breathable, flexible, versatile and whether we admit it or not – they have a certain boyish charm about them.

Yes, you can sometimes look unkempt in your shorts, but that is probably because they haven’t been styled to their full potential.

So, what is the full potential when it comes to shorts? Well, let’s see. Although shorts are said to have been derived from trousers because the owner of a tea shop in Bermuda wanted his employees to have a comfortable outfit to wear while they worked in the heat, thus beginning the journey of the famous “Bermuda shorts” – shorts have, since then, had a fashionable evolution of their own.

Today, you can actually style them up or style them down, take them for a hiking adventure, a trip across cities or to a beach vacay, and you can make them look chic while enjoying all their comfort.

Without any further ado, let us dive right into some of the freshest and most fashionable outfit ideas that will help you explore the charm of shorts

  • Outfit Style - Casual summer outfits with shorts. 
  • Our Most Favourite Look - Black Shorts + Grey CDG Play T-shirt + White Sneakers
  • Occasion - Summer wear. Weekend shopping etc.  
  • Featured - Fredrik Risvik
  • Budget - Low to Medium
  • Age Group - 18 to 40 years 
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5 Summer Outfits With Shorts

Short Outfits For Men

Outfit 1 

Most people will tell you to steer clear of patterned shorts. They can be deceptively tricky to style, and you may come across looking unkempt in your attempt to wear something comfortable.

This first outfit will tell you that patterned shorts can actually make a great fashion statement if you balance them out with neutrals, instead of going for busy patterns or bright shades.

The white tee brings out the charm of the shorts but also helps to keep the outfit understated and neat. These shorts are shorter in length, so make sure your tee does not hang too low so that the shorts are still visible.

This Is How You Should Wear Shorts This Summer #summer #streetstyle #casualstyle #mensfashion

Outfit 2

Who says an all-black look is to be reserved for formal wear? Shorts can look really chic if styled in an all-black outfit. All you need to do is keep the length and the fit in mind. Black shorts that end right above the knee are a reasonably safe bet, as is a black crew-neck t-shirt with a comfortable fit – not too snug, not too oversized.

You can accessorize with a grey cap and white shoes, so that you can add some contrast to the look while sticking to an overall neutral color palette. This look is great for both the day and the night, so go for it if you want a great outfit for your trip.

This Is How You Should Wear Shorts This Summer #summer #streetstyle #casualstyle #mensfashion

Outfit 3

This next combination can give you great insight into how you can style multiple shades in neutrals, without making your outfit boring or letting any one element become overwhelming. There is a subtle harmony between the understated black embroidered pattern of the stone-grey tee and the black, fitted shorts.

That harmony makes the whole outfit look put-together. The pair of white sneakers add an airy brightness to the look, but it does not disrupt the tonality of the look. The star of this look, though, is the olive cap which contrasts with every other element of the look, while complementing the neutral tone.

This Is How You Should Wear Shorts This Summer #summer #streetstyle #casualstyle #mensfashion

Outfit 4

We have to talk about graphic tees if were talking about shorts. Nothing says chic athleisure like a smart, white tee with a straightforward but bold graphic and a pair of dark, fitted shorts.

The whole look is handy – not only does it look functional, the classic contrast of black and white makes it look tasteful and sophisticated without compromising on the sporty, laidback charm of it. Pair it with some white sneakers to keep the look polished.

This Is How You Should Wear Shorts This Summer #summer #streetstyle #casualstyle #mensfashion

Outfit 5

Let’s try one with a white shirt. Most people tend to roll up their sleeves when they are pairing shirts with shorts because they want to maintain the casual look of the outfit.

But even full sleeves can make the combination of white shirt and black shorts look rather charming, especially since that retains the formal appeal of a white shirt and contrasts that with the laidback charm of dark shorts. Wear some contrasting grey sneakers to make the look more athletic.

This Is How You Should Wear Shorts This Summer #summer #streetstyle #casualstyle #mensfashion

This Is How You Should Wear Shorts This Summer #summer #streetstyle #casualstyle #mensfashion

This Is How You Should Wear Shorts This Summer #summer #streetstyle #casualstyle #mensfashion