Formal Outfit Ideas For Young Guys #formal #style #mensfashion
February 27, 2024

Formal Outfit Ideas For Young Guys

I know. You're under 30. And wearing formal outfit at this young is boring. I get it. You want to wear a cool parachute pants and oversized t-shirt. Nothing wrong with it. Whatever works for you.

But, there are at least 10 days in a year when you have to dress in a formal outfit as a young guy.

Most young guys stay away from formal outfits is because... they're boring. They make them look old. Yes, a formal outfit will make you look old if you don't know what you're doing.

However, there's a better way to formal outfit and still as cool as possible.

Today, I'm going to share 5 formal outfits you can wear a young guy and look cooler than your over-sized t-shirt wearing friends.

The outfits I've curated today are simple to put together. Super comfortable to wear. And will make you look stylish and properly dressed no matter your age.

Keep scrolling to find some cool and dapper formal outfits you can wear in 20's.

  • Outfit Style - Formal dressing style for young guys. Formal outfits for guys in their 20's
  • Our Most Favourite Look - Black Blazer Jacket + Black Pants + White Shirt
  • Occasion - Business casual, business meetings, formal date, formal events
  • Featured - TOBIAS REUTER
  • Budget - Medium to high. 
  • Age Group - 20 to 40 years 
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Formal Dressing Style For Young Guys


You're going to attend a family wedding. I know it's boring apart from the cocktail party. You gotta dress well. Stand out. Maybe your family is looking for a suitable girl or you probably want to impress girls at the wedding.

Whatever the reason is... try this navy and white three piece suit to look your best and get the attention you desire effortlessly. The outfit here feature a cool navy trousers, navy tailored west, a crisp white shirt and navy blazer with a cool black tie. To elevate the look even further wear pair of leather shoes matching with your tie.

Formal Outfit Ideas For Young Guys #formal #style #mensfashion

You're a young entrepreneur. Going for an important meeting. But, you don't want to wear a formal outfit without looking like a corporate slave. This outfit is for you. Just wear a black trouser with a fresh white shirt and black blazer. And you'll look like a man who means business without looking too formal or old.

Formal Outfit Ideas For Young Guys #formal #style #mensfashion

It's summer. You're going for a meeting or having a cocktail dinner with your office colleagues at a fancy bar. Your goal is to look formal but not someone who's trying too hard to make an impression. This outfit is for you. Wear cool check greying brown pants with a white shirt and some cool leather loafers. Tie is optional if you're not a fan of wearing one.

Formal Outfit Ideas For Young Guys #formal #style #mensfashion

This outfit features a cool black self-check trousers with a cool white shirt. To elevate the look wear cool pair of leather shoes. You're dressing formal but that check pants is adding the needed panache to the whole outfit.

Formal Outfit Ideas For Young Guys #formal #style #mensfashion

I know... some of you don't prefer to wear matching pants and blazer. That's cool too. Try this outfit the next time you want to dress formal without trying too hard. Just wear a cool grey check pants with a white shirt and throw a cool black blazer to make the outfit stand out. Yes, you can also wear a navy blazer with this.

Formal Outfit Ideas For Young Guys #formal #style #mensfashion

Formal Outfit Ideas For Young Guys #formal #style #mensfashion

Formal Outfit Ideas For Young Guys #formal #style #mensfashion