11 Dashing Formal Outfit Ideas For Men
June 21, 2019

11 Dashing Formal Outfit Ideas For Men

Formal attire is what you are required to wear at your workplace to keep the environment strictly professional.

However, today's employers are more inclined towards enabling men too dynamically up to their formal clothing game and to look sharp and dapper.

For example, there are plenty of places where men can dress semi-formally by wearing a pair of nice, clean and cut denim with double-breasted blazers and a pair of oxfords.

Corporate fashion is now more about the dapper look as well as comfortability. A lot of the times, all you have to do usually is select items that go well with a tux or a suit, complementing them for an aesthetically pleasing look. That isn't difficult at all. 

11 Dashing Formal Outfit Ideas For Men


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But if you are going towards detailing your formal attire, and add to or alter your ensemble, there are plenty of different items that you must consider getting your hands on.

These items mainly include handkerchiefs, a leather wallet and men's leather tote bags or a charming brouche. To dress perfectly, there are some things that you have to commit to heart, think of it as important rules to remember. Of course, this refers to measurements and fittings.

For example, when it comes to an office shirt, make sure the sleeves are no longer or shorter than your wrist bone.

When selecting a shirt, make sure your arms, shoulders and underarms are stress-free and that the shirt fits comfortably while not giving a saggy or loose look. The same goes for black leather jackets for office wear, make sure the shoulders and arms perfectly fit.

When you talk about the right shoulder length, the shirt's shoulder should fall perfectly on your shoulder line. For appropriate shirt length, tuck it in, and then lift and slightly stretch your arms to see whether or not the shirt is in place or not.

A Brief Formal Attire Guide for Men

To help men dress more orthodox and formal with a tinge of faux pas, here are some great formal outfit ideas that will undoubtedly help you always present yourself as a gentleman.

The list includes several dashing ensembles that will make it simple and hassle-free for you to become a fashionista at your office. 

1. Cropped pants for the office

When you talk about formal cropped pants, the first thing to consider is the length of the pants. Forget what everyone else says, the basic rule of thumb here is simple; the slaying pants should always fall half an inch above your ankles.

To incorporate a more formal outlook, you can pair these pants with blue or brown loafers or moccasins along with a nice linen or cotton blazer. Always go for a pastel shirt and a slightly darker color for your blazer.

2. Turtleneck sweaters and knits

During winters, one of the best ways to pull off a formal yet dapper look is to opt for knitted tops. You can wear fitted turtleneck sweaters with a nice, beige or black trench coat. To complete the formal look, go for dark blue Oxfords.

3. Dressing for work in the summers

The summer season begs for light colors, shades and tones - yes, even when it comes to office outfits. Sure, indeed, the amount of colors available for formal wear aren't that much.

However, a beige blazer paired with a nice, pastel pink, white or gray can really pull out the Harvey Specter in you. To go even a step further, you can add a pocket square.

4. Printed blazers for colder months

formal outfits for men


Apart from form-fitting black leather jackets, you can also go for patterned blazers because wearing the same types of boring and plain colors to work can be fashionably daunting. So, to add a splash of color, opt for striped blazers or colors such as Artichoke, gray or Alabaster. 

5. Wearing your denim to the office the right way

Yes, this is a thing now. Denim has now become a growing trend in office fashion. However, keep in mind that you must always go for a slightly darker wash. You can wear your jeans with a navy, double-breasted blazer over a nicely fitting office shirt.

6. The three-piece

formal outfits for men


For a nice, crisp look that exudes a formal look at the same time, opt for a three-piece suit. However, add a bit of a modern touch to the attire - for example, go for a beautiful tie and a nice handkerchief.

Try to select a darker handkerchief to complement the coat. The coat and waistcoat must have a lighter tone or shade (patterned or textured fabrics is a good idea).

7. Corporate sweaters

If you are tired of wearing suits all the time and want to try something different, formal sweaters are a great option. A form-fitting, knitted sweater for a dress pant or khaki exudes a professional yet savvy look.

However, always wear corporate sweaters over crisp, collared office shirts. For the shoes, go for black Oxfords or loafers.

8. Stripes have a made a comeback

For a more corporate, semi-formal look, you could pair your dark blue jeans with a striped blazer with a pocket square in contrasting colors.

9. The khakis

The best way to pull off the khaki look is to pair it with a nice pointed collared office shirt or a shirt with a mandarin collar. The cuffs must always be folded. 

10. Office fashion for internees

For excited yet anxious internees, the best way to dress for the office is to go for knitted sweaters with plain office shirts for colder months and skinny pants with plain blazers with a pair of Oxfords in the summer.

11. Pastels for formal wear

Pastel suits have become strikingly trendy this season, and you can pull off the look by pairing the suits with a nice pocket square and a pair of Oxfords. However, I always wear pastel suits without ties.

So there you go - a short but sweet guide to how you can transform your workplace wardrobe by implementing these trendy and highly fashionable outfit ideas. They are easy to follow and simple to remember.

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11 Dashing Formal Outfit Ideas For Men

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11 Dashing Formal Outfit Ideas For Men