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5 Easy Outfit Ideas For Men

You can never get tired of casual outfits and their simple, understated allure, can you? The power of a simple outfit lies in its versatility. You can wear it out for a casual stroll around the block.

You can wear it out on a long drive, or to a coffee date, or to a movie night. Simple outfits are so popular because they can be used in so many different ways.

But simple outfits are also a little tricky. So many options can end up confusing you, and you want your outfit to look coordinated and free-flowing. You have to pick elements that can be mixed and matched, that can be worn out for multiple occasions.

And most importantly, you have to pick elements that convey your personal style. Just because you are going for an understated look, does not mean you don’t want the outfit to cater to your personal preferences.

In this list, we have curated five outfits that will help you figure out casual looks that do not compromise on their simplicity or their style.

  • Outfit Style - Simple casual outfits for men
  • Our Most Favourite Look - Navy Chinos + White Polo Shirt + Navy Stripe Sweater + White Sneakers
  • Occasion - Casual everyday outfits, daily wear, going out on a date. 
  • Featured - ROWAN ROW
  • Budget - Medium to High. 
  • Age Group - 25 to 45 years 
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Simple Casual Outfits For Men

5 Easy Outfit Ideas For Men

Outfit 1

Pay attention to every individual detail of this outfit. It only looks effortlessly chic, but a great deal of thought has been put into it. The white polo neck shirt is the base of this outfit, complemented by the white sneakers. Both the polo neck shirt and the fitted navy-blue trousers maintain a certain, snug fit.

The sleek silver-toned buckle of the belt adds a hint of oomph to the otherwise understated palette. But the star of this look is the striped sweater. It’s blue-and-white palette coordinates with both the tee and the trousers, and it is the only flowy element in this look, adding a relaxed feel to the look.

5 Simple Casual Outfits For Men #simple #casualstyle #streetstyle

Outfit 2

This next outfit is a classic. A simple, fitted white crew neck tee, a pair of blue sand-washed denims, neat white sneakers – all of these elements are classics in their individual right, and form a classic outfit when combined.

With this look, you can go for a slightly ripped denim, but try not to go overboard with it because it can take away from the understated appeal of the look. Accessorize with a sleek belt chain, a few bracelets and a watch – but make sure they are all in the same tone. You can also go for some dark shades.

5 Simple Casual Outfits For Men #simple #casualstyle #streetstyle

Outfit 3

This second one is a classic too, but it spruces up the individual elements. So, if you want to experiment a little with a classic combination, go for this one. This substitutes the white tee with a polo neck white tee, which gives you a more fitted look, and the formal touch of a collar.

It also goes for some khaki-colored trousers instead of classic denims, but retains the white sneakers from the previous look. This one is a little more formal, so keep the accessories to a minimum here – a beige belt, a black-strapped watch and some dark shades would look great with this.

5 Simple Casual Outfits For Men #simple #casualstyle #streetstyle

Outfit 4

You can also pair your polo neck shirt with a pair of black denims, instead of going for khaki trousers or the standard blue jeans. This combination is also a classic – with the white on the tee and the sneakers and the moodier black on the pants.

The charm of a polo neck shirt lies in its collar, so make sure you keep the collar flat on your shoulders. It is best not to add any neckpiece to a polo neck shirt, so go for some wristwear, like a watch, instead.

5 Simple Casual Outfits For Men #simple #casualstyle #streetstyle

Outfit 5

Let’s have a look at another timeless classic here – the white shirt and blue denim outfit. This outfit ticks all of the boxes we had stated above – it is elegant, it is versatile, and if you choose the right kind of shirt and denim, it can communicate your personal style too.

There’s this elegance and allure in this look, and it can draw attention despite its subtlety. You can style this look with a pair of black shoes, like the ones here, and coordinate that with a simple black belt.

5 Simple Casual Outfits For Men #simple #casualstyle #streetstyle

5 Simple Casual Outfits For Men #simple #casualstyle #streetstyle

5 Simple Casual Outfits For Men #simple #casualstyle #streetstyle