How to Build a Capsule Jewelry Collection & Simplify Your Life
August 01, 2019

How to Build a Capsule Jewelry Collection & Simplify Your Life

Finding accessories and jewelry that enhance your sense of style without overpowering it, while serving as a complement to your everyday and special occasion outfits alike, can be a challenge.

But building a smartly curated capsule jewelry collection that offers a versatile and timeless style is the perfect way to ensure that you always have a special piece to wear with each ensemble.

How to Build a Capsule Jewelry Collection & Simplify Your Life

Curating a Capsule

A capsule collection, which emerged in London wardrobes in the 1970s and was popularized in the '80s, is a collection of essentials. It helps to declutter and focuses on core pieces which stay in style and can be built off of.

When it comes to jewelry, a capsule collection does exactly this -- it starts with the basics and builds, but it all depends on your taste. For instance, if your style is more eclectic, you may prefer a statement bracelet with bold colors rather than a small silver bangle.

Whether you subscribe to the most minimalist style for your work and leisure attire or prefer a trendier and flashier look, accessories can make or break your look.

Just like you may have considered upgrading your wardrobe to feel more fresh and refined, an updated capsule jewelry collection can help you simplify your options and make getting dressed every day a breeze.

Give Layering a Chance

How to Build a Capsule Jewelry Collection & Simplify Your Life

For days where you want to be extra playful with your look or simply add some intrigue and style to an otherwise plain outfit, consider laying necklaces of different lengths and materials over a simple top or dress.

Mixing and matching eye-catching colors, beads, metals, and even statement necklaces is a fun and easy way to experiment with your style.

If you love a sophisticated look, keep your capsule pieces more delicate like knotted gold chains and smaller pendant necklaces — this type of look is ideal for wearing to a cocktail party or even to the office.

For something a little more casual, don’t be afraid to try out some colorful beaded necklaces and chokers that fall at different lengths. These types of pieces are the perfect fit for a music festival or for complementing your outfit during casual day at the beach.

Try Some Textured Rings

How to Build a Capsule Jewelry Collection & Simplify Your Life

Right now, wearing multiple rings — and even stacking them — is a big trend and so easy to try out. You don’t have to spend a lot to find unique and textured rings that offer some intrigue and personality to your everyday looks and beyond.

As you build your capsule jewelry collection, consider trying out rings of different sizes and metals that you can mix and match depending on the occasion.

Some days, a gorgeous jade statement ring is all you need, while on other days, you might be in the mood for a pop of fashionable rose gold paired with a stack of cubic zirconia encrusted pieces.

Your basic jewelry collection doesn’t require anything too fancy; start by picking some simple options and slowly building it up over time.

Elevate Your Earrings

Earrings are such a fun and simple way to elevate any look! Your capsule collection should, of course, include the basic studs and classics hoop that always make excellent go-to choices, but also consider adding more playful and modern options that work for any number of events.

Currently, the fashion runways and city streets alike are abuzz with exciting tassel earrings in a variety of colors and designs. Tassel earrings can be small and subtle or bold and dramatic.

With their large range of sizes and styles, there’s something that’s sure to speak to you! A clean white shade is perfect to wear with a maxi dress and sandals during your next tropical vacation, while a pair in a shade like green or orange can add just the pop of color you need to breathe some life into an everyday all-black look.

Bangin’ Bangles

How to Build a Capsule Jewelry Collection & Simplify Your Life

From whimsical charm bracelets to bohemian-inspired metal cuffs, bracelets are an exciting way to incorporate nuance into your jewelry collections.

Whether you are building your capsule collection from scratch or are simply looking to diversify your selection, bangles are a marvellous essential piece that offers so much versatility and style in one small package!

For an edgier look, consider a metal bangle that has some texture or design. A more elegant bangle will envelop your wrist more delicately, but still, offer the trademark structure that makes these bracelets so unique.

For a trendy and understated look, opt for a delicate and thinner band in classic sterling silver or gold.

Finding Timeless Trends 

How to Build a Capsule Jewelry Collection & Simplify Your Life

You can also step up your wrist wear by adding your favorite watch alongside your bangle(s). The functionality of a pretty designer watch paired with some layered bracelets is a popular look that can take your capsule jewelry collection to the next level.

Many prefer neutral leather bands that are simple and yet so stylish, often matching a wide array of outfits, but there are also rubber and metal bands, beloved by many. And for those who only want one watch, but would like to have more options, many watches are available with interchangeable bands, so you can keep adding to your collection as necessary.

Remember, capsule collections don't have to be boring; you can have an eye-catching watch that steals all the attention, but you don't necessarily need six different watches to choose from, so be selective and seek out a good one that will last and you love.

Finding exceptional jewelry that represents your sense of style without breaking the bank is simple when you focus on a capsule collection that includes the necessities.

Selecting pieces that you can mix and match and wear for a variety of different occasions allows you to get the most mileage out of your investment while keeping your collection minimal and fun to wear!

But this doesn’t mean that you should say not to other pieces that you love — if you discover a statement necklace that speaks to you or a stunning pair of earrings that will be perfect for your next big event, growing your jewelry collection can be exciting and a great way to breathe new life into everything in your closet.

How to Build a Capsule Jewelry Collection & Simplify Your Life