8 Beach Outfits That You Can't Go Wrong With! #beachoutfits
March 05, 2019

8 Beach Outfits That You Can't Go Wrong With!

8 Beach Outfits That You Can't Go Wrong With! #beachoutfits

As the warm summer rays make your skin look golden and you lie on a beach, with the sound of the sea crashing on the shore behind you, really, is there any better feeling?

Beach days are undoubtedly the best days and days when you can really experiment with your look too. Beautiful prints and flowy dresses, and don't forget the trendiest swimsuits!

Picking the right bathing suit for your size and body type is so important because it can really make all the difference! 

So whether you have a petite body with a longer torso, or you're curvier with big hips, there are different styles that definitely suit you, and you can try out!

With that said, a beach party or a casual day at the beach calls for one very important thing: the perfect beach outfit! And really, the options are limited, but we've listed out our current favorite beach looks here:

  1. High waisted

A High-waisted outfit never goes wrong and instantly makes you look slimmer! You can pair a cute, crocheted halter top with high-waisted denim shorts for a super cute look!

Remember, your midriff is going to be exposed so, apply some body glitter to up the ante. The perfect colors would be a white or red top with washed denim. You could even experiment with some pretty polka dots and opt for a black denim pair of high-waist shorts too!

Accessories: Gold charm bracelet, a cute headband to match your bikini top and glittery flip flops.

  1. Flowy and comfy

If anything right fitting isn't your style, then you can't do better than a flowy mini dress! Dresses are comfortable and give you enough space for movement, and there are so many dress styles!

Either an A-line or skater cut dress would give your lower body a slimmer look and hide those wide hips. However, if you have a slimmer frame, then you could even go for a short, floral bodycon dress in cute shades like violet and red! A plunging v-neck would look flattering if you're trying to show off those collar bones.

Accessories: Gold or silver hoops and a cute flower crown would complete this look! 

  1. The romper

Rompers give you the advantage of an all-in-one outfit. Denim rompers like dungarees with a short, white crop top would look great. If you want a more feminine look, then go for a tribal print one with a cute open or tie up back.

If you want to experiment a little more with the print, then go for stripes! When you're curvy and have big hips or a 34DD sized bust, for example, a striped romper looks good and takes the attention away from your chest.

Remember, vertical stripes give you a slimmer look when compared to horizontal stripes. A sailor combination of navy and white is a perfect choice!

Accessories: A floral choker piece along with a cute pendant, and flip flops to match your romper.

  1. Get beachy

Another beach outfit you can't go wrong with is a monokini worn with a sarong wrap! Now, combining the right swimsuit with the right wrap makes all the difference. Ideally, a fully printed sarong wrap looks amazing with a contrast, solid colored monokini.

On the other hand, if you're very slim and want to look curvier, you can switch these two and go for a printed swimsuit along with a plain wrap in orange or yellow. A deep back monokini would look just perfect! You can try one piece swimsuits to look apart from the rest. 

Accessories: A thick headband to match your sarong wrap, and cute danglers or studs in your ears! 

  1. Skirting along

8 Beach Outfits That You Can't Go Wrong With! #beachoutfits

Skirts look great on everyone, the question is, what length should you go for? Short, flowy skirts or even skorts (skirts with shorts inside) look extremely cute! They make your legs look longer too.

However, if you're trying to hide your thighs, you can opt for a midi skirt or a maxi length one, in a pretty chiffon fabric. Chiffon is a great fabric for the summer, and it feels light and breezy on the beach too! Florals are the best when it comes to light fabrics, and a flowy skirt with a cute triangle bikini top is the right pair.

Accessories: Go bold with accessories for this outfit, with long tassel earrings and a beaded chain to create a boho look!

  1. All white

The charm of an all-white outfit on a beach is just something else, and you'll get some stunning pictures as well.

For a day party or brunch on the beach, one of the best options is an all-white dress, or crop top and wraparound skirt co-ords.

The advantage with this outfit is that you can accessorize absolutely any way you like! Bright pop colors and even neon accessory would look amazing with this outfit.

Accessories: bright aquamarine and teal bracelets, along with some pink or golden earring to complete the look.

  1. Bodysuit

A swimsuit can easily double up as a bodysuit, and this is why we love one-piece suits so much! If you opt for a sexy, string back Monokini, you can wear a ruffled skirt or fitted shorts on top of it and voila! Your outfit is ready.

And even if you just want to take a quick dip in the pool or the ocean, all you have to do is take your bottoms off. Make this look more spunky with a colorful bandana and reflective shades.

Accessories: Minimal accessories would suit this outfit, but your swimsuit can be a cool and funky one!

  1. Kimono it

Don't want to cover up too much but still want to wear more than just your bathing suit? In that case, add on a kimono to your bikini, and you're good to go! Large poncho-style kimonos look great on all body types, and all the possible trends and prints can be experimented with!

If you're going for a bold night outfit for a beach party, pair a metallic gold bikini with a plain black kimono with fringes. You're going to turn heads for sure.

Accessories: Studded headgear and clips along with a statement piece on one year would be ideal.

There are so many styles you can choose from for a beach outfit! Whether you go with the classic choices or add a little touch of your own personality to it, what you need the most is confidence. As long as you're confident, you can rock absolutely any outfit!


8 Beach Outfits That You Can't Go Wrong With! #beachoutfits