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How to Make Your Boobs Look Younger without Any Surgery?

It’s quite common to want to keep your boobs looking cheerful. Some women think the solution is to wear a bra all day, all night. Or to wear the right type of bra to keep the breasts lifted. What’s the theory and what’s fact nobody knows. So how to make your boobs look younger?

I mean not all women have perpetually perky breasts. And if you’re not so lucky, like me, then you have to know how to make your boobs look younger.

Now, remember that you simply cannot control your DNA. That means whatever inside you push your breasts further south is inevitably going to. But what you can do instead is control some activities that slow down this process.

How to Make Your Boobs Look Younger

1. Protect your breasts from bouncing around


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This is probably the most important piece of information for you to understand. If you wish to keep your chest in fine fettle!

The biggest problem with women’s boobs is that they are a part of the body. Meaning the breasts are equally subjected to the process of aging. Much like everything else! Even boobs get affected by smoking and sunlight by the way.

Since they are two weights supported by your skin, gravity is tough enough on them. So when walking, breasts tend to move around. And when running, they bounce around. But why am I telling you all this? It’s because you should understand that wearing an appropriate bra is very important. It keeps your bosoms from jerking up and down during movements.

More often than not, women don’t buy bras according to their breast shape. For example, do you have a large gap between the two sisters? Then you require the best bra for wide-set breasts.

When you keep your boobs well supported, you’re preventing stretch marks, sagging, and loss of shape. So don’t think twice before putting on the best push up bra for sagging breasts. To restrict 80 percent of that bouncy action!

And once the sports bra is on, feel free to perform any effective chest workout you like. Here’s a video for that:

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Working the pectoral muscles does go a long way in making your breasts look a whole lot brighter.

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2. Apply breast masks and lotions


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Skin care involves combining oils and exfoliation in the form of massages and masks. This is what keeps the skin nourished and hydrated. So why don’t your breasts also deserve this kind of treatment!

Pamper yourself with collagen breast masks or bust firming/lifting creams. The former helps in increasing metabolism and tightening the skin. Leaving your bosoms firmer and smoother! As for the latter, they are incredibly effective and safe. For bust enhancement, tone, and lift.

The skin present on your breasts is thin. And it’s also often forgotten about. You expose the area to sunlight without applying any sunblock. The outcome of which is pigmentation and loss of natural texture. Due to broken capillaries and elasticity loss!

Likewise, even smoking has significant negative effects on the décolletage. Wrinkles on the breasts are a huge marker of that.

So keep in mind that it’s okay to use anti-ageing face creams on your chest. Your skincare routine should include reaching below the neck area as well. And not just on holidays when you’re applying that sunblock. I mean on regular days too.

But what if the damage has already taken place? In that case, include essential nutrients in your daily diet. Like Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin A. C helps with building collagen. B3 is also equally valuable when it comes to skin care. And as for Vitamin A, it repairs sun damage. Plus, it’s got anti-ageing benefits.

3. Sleep in the right position

Sleeping positioton

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Did you know that sleeping positions predispose your chest to wrinkle?

Sleeping on your sides means cleavage forming vertical lines. Especially if your breasts are large! Or when the skin is sun-damaged.

Here’s the ugly truth. If the sleeping position is comfortable enough for snoozing, it’s not supportive enough. For stopping gravity from ruining your natural shape! But sleeping on the back is not an uncomfortable position. So do that if you wish to avert wrinkling. What if you get up in the middle of the night lying on your left or right side? Then go back to lying chest up once again.

The whole idea is to prevent your upper boob from dropping into your lower boob. Cause this action is what stretches your skin in the chest region. So why not try a non-slip, anatomically-contoured breast cylinder/separator! It rests between your breasts during the night. Keeping both divided while you’re sleeping on the left or right side.


These are 3 very effective methods. So now you know how to make your boobs look younger!

Just remember that wearing the right bra is crucial. And by right, I mean one that fits properly. Also incredibly persuasive is chest workout for women. So don’t leave that out if you want to embrace a more permanent solution.

Apart from that, eat healthily and drink tons of water. That’s about it.

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