Cheap Ways to Take Your Wardrobe from Drab to Fab
February 16, 2019

Cheap Ways to Take Your Wardrobe from Drab to Fab

Cheap Ways to Take Your Wardrobe from Drab to Fab

It’s easy to get in a fashion-rut after weeks of uninspired winter wear taking over your closet. Winter often translates to cold weather cover-ups masking our unique style in bulky knits and weatherproof wear.

Whether you’re transitioning seasons or just need a little refresh, we’ve got some amazing and cheap ways to take your wardrobe from drab to fab. These tips work for men and women’s fashion, so feel free to share with all of your fellow style icons!

A funky piece of outerwear

If you’re like many fashion-forward individuals, your closet looks like this: basics on basics in a slightly different array of neutral tones. Don’t get us wrong, basics are the most practical option for fashion lovers— especially if you’re on a budget.

But sometimes you need a funky piece worked into your standard OOTD to rekindle your love for the runway. Adding a patterned coat or a statement jacket can refresh your colour-blocked closet. Plus, changing up one piece is way cheaper than totally adjusting your current style.

Cool sunglasses

A pair of cool sunglasses is a simple way to step up your style whether or not the sun is actually shining. Whether you go for a more refined look or play with seasonal trends, this accessory is among our favourites for initiating a wardrobe update. What’s more?

A pair of these polarized pieces is essential for summer sun protection. So an investment in a pair makes this a step toward a healthier you, right?

Get your favorite pieces tailored

If you have some staple pieces in your closet that just don’t fit quite right, consider getting them tailored to make your investment worthwhile.

This tip is especially helpful if you’ve made a big investment in some high-quality jeans or an expensive jacket. The fit is a substantial part of the battle when it comes to curating your closet.

Making sure all of your articles fit you perfectly is an easy way to step up your style game. Plus, getting your clothes tailored instead of just replacing them means you’re saving money in the long run.

 Cheap Ways to Take Your Wardrobe from Drab to Fab

Make a statement with bold accessories

Accessories tend to reside on the cheaper side of clothing costs, and they’re an easy way to dress up an outfit.

Rather than subscribing to expensive new trends that will soon go out of style, opt for a new accessory to mix up your look. A pair of unique earrings or a seasonable hat can take your look from drab to fab without compromising your budget.

Before you shop, gather some inspiration

It’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends when you arrive at the mall with no concept of what you’re looking for and no idea what budget to abide by. Next time you embark on a trip to the mall, try to gather some style inspiration before you go.

One easy way to get ideas of what’s trending is just by browsing Instagram. This way you can get a better idea of what looks you want to emulate so you don't find yourself opening your wallet with reckless abandon.

The mall is a tempting and distracting (and magical) place— but coming unprepared means your monthly budget could be out of the question.

Shop resale and vintage for unique pieces

Shopping at thrift stores and online resale shops is a budget-savvy way to find looks that you won’t see all over the streets of your city. Besides being super cheap, the inventory of these shops is unlike any department stores you’ll find.

If you love vintage-inspired looks, you’ll definitely want to pop into your local Goodwill or Buffalo Exchange. If you’re feeling extra creative and inspired, you can even take your thrifted treasures and turn them into something new! Find an amazing vintage t-shirt that’s not your size? Turn it into a funky tote bag to carry all of your essentials in style.

With these simple tips, you can take your wardrobe from zero to sixty— even if you’ve only got sixty bucks in your bank account.

Fashion doesn’t have to derail your budget if you’re smart about it! Don’t let your fellow fashionistas give up their passion yet either, just share these tips and consider yourself a style saint.


Cheap Ways to Take Your Wardrobe from Drab to Fab