Can You Turn Your Passion for Fashion Into A Profitable Business?
February 01, 2019

Can You Turn Your Passion for Fashion Into A Profitable Business?

Everyone’s dream is to earn money by doing the things they love. That is why a lot of people who are in love with fashion are also considering to start up their own businesses, especially with the rise of e-commerce.

More and more people are being encouraged to invest in online businesses or even traditional stores because it is now easier to manage them. 

If you’re one of these people, the thought of having your own store is exciting. But at the same time, you are also wondering if you can do it. There are a lot of questions on your mind, and sometimes even doubts.

To help you figure out if doing business in the fashion industry is really for you, here are some of the things that would give you an idea on how you should run your business.

Be Professional

Once you choose to be an entrepreneur, know that there is no turning back. You’ll be investing your money, time, and effort on your new business.

A lot of people might think that being a business owner is just all about relaxing and having control of your own time.  But the truth is, having this role is not easy. You have a lot of responsibilities as the boss and owner.

So If you finally decide to do this business, own it! Think and act like an entrepreneur. Know the weight of your decisions, the consequences, and of course plan ahead. You also have to give importance to your connections.

Build solid relationships, and be responsible for all the decisions that you’re going to make.

Develop Your Products

Your products and services are the two things that your customers would pay for. It’s a must to keep them happy with the qualities of your products.

If you don’t develop your product, you might end up losing your customers. It’s ideal to start with a small line of products first and then let it grow.

Doing this will minimize your losses, and it would give you the chance to see which types of products your customers like and which of the designs are not their taste. You also have to see this stage as an opportunity to know the correct pricing for your items.

The first thing that you need to do is to know the amount of money your target market is willing to pay for the items and then calculate the cost and potential profit.

To be able to do this, you have to be knowledgeable about how garments are manufactured, here’s an article that can help you with that.


Production is a huge part of your business. There are several options that you can choose from. However, it’s not that easy to choose a manufacturer, plus there are a lot of struggles when it comes to production.

Ordering small quantities would cost you more than ordering in bulk amounts. You can also order from overseas manufacturers, but that also comes with a lot of cons.

It’s also a must to note that most manufacturers would ask you for a deposit before they start the production process.

Keeping a good relationship with your manufacturer is also essential. Remember, you’re a business owner now, every person that you meet counts. 

Think of Sales and Distribution

After the production, the next thing that you’ll have to handle is the sales and distribution of the items. There are also various ways to do this.

You may have retailers, or you can have your own brick and mortar store where you can sell your items. On the other hand, you can skip the hassle of having a physical store. Thanks to technology, you can now sell your items online.

But more than the location or the method of your distribution, analyzing how you can make people buy your product is even more important. Are you selling your items at the right price? Or offering something unique to the consumers?

Will your target market love these products? These are just some of the questions that you need to answer when your analyzing sales and distribution.

Know A Thing or Two About Finance

Money is like the blood of your business. It sustains your business so that it can continue doing its purpose.

You can hire an accountant or a finance staff to handle the finances of the business, but as an owner, you also have to be aware of how to manage the money that comes in and out of your company.

The first few months and years of your business is a crucial stage. If you don't spend your money wisely, you'll get losses, or worse, get bankrupt. The best way to monitor your finances is by reading financial reports and analyzing how you can manage your money better.

If you don’t understand anything, don’t hesitate to ask your accountant or your finance professional in the company. 

Building a business is easier these days. But it doesn’t mean that running one would be a breeze.

Although everything can be done online now, and with just a click of a mouse, there are still a lot of factors that aspiring business owners have to take care of.

From the planning to the production process, to the finances, you should be aware of every detail. You can always ask people for help, but nothing beats the care and concern of you as the owner.

You can hire specialists and professionals who will help you with a lot of your tasks. But at the end of the day, the owner is still you; therefore, you must do your best to set a good example to your staff and to make sure that your business can serve the customers well.

Now that you finally had a sneak peek of what it’s like to be a business owner, it’s time to ask yourself if you can do all of these things and more. If yes, then congratulations! You can turn your passion for fashion into a successful business.

Can You Turn Your Passion for Fashion Into A Profitable Business?