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Build A Brand Identity On SoundCloud And Find Your Audience

In the past, it was difficult for any musician to be heard. Budding artists would learn their craft by playing at local bars or other venues when they could, many used busking to practice playing live. And, if they wanted someone in the industry to hear them they might try to send a tape or CD to an A&R department rep.

Now though, musicians and other talent can use the net to upload music and videos and reach out to a global audience. SoundCloud was started with the idea that independent musicians could get their work played online, maybe monetize it, and possibly even be discovered by a talent scout.

So far, SoundCloud has been responsible for several musicians being signed including Billie Eilish. But, simply uploading some tracks isn’t enough to stand out on what is a packed musical platform. Every minute around 12 hours of music is uploaded to SoundCloud, so how do you build your own identity and create an audience? 


How do you build a brand and find your audience on SoundCloud?

You can consider SoundCloud as another form of social media in many ways. If you were signing up for Facebook or Instagram, you would be encouraged by the apps to build a profile. 

With SoundCloud, it is the same, but you should look at it as more of a brand identity that you are building. There are different ways that branding can boost your bottom line, and a solid brand can help to foster trust, create loyalty, and grow an audience.

Here are some things that you should be doing to build your brand, and then develop a fan base.

Build your profile on SoundCloud

Ideally, you will get this right the first time. Chopping and changing your image and logo could become confusing for your followers. If you develop a strong brand it can be used across multiple platforms leading to greater recognition.

Add followers and get plays

One workable tactic to add some instant credibility to a profile is to buy plays. You can buy cheap SoundCloud followers to increase the popularity of your account and your music.

By adding followers this way and increasing the number of times your tracks are streamed you will appear more popular. This has the effect of encouraging other people to listen to your work and ends in organic growth.

Buying followers exclusively isn’t a recommended option as you need to develop your audience through your work and brand. But, as a way to add some initial propulsion, it’s a great choice.

Your username should be simple but effective

Don’t go in for a long and complicated username. When you are happy with your idea for a username you will want to be consistent. Think of SEO and how people search online. Your name should be used in the same way across all your social media and any other platforms you might be using. 

Godspeed You! Black Emperor may be the name of a Canadian post-rock outfit, but you are as of yet unknown. Choose something memorable and unique, but short, sweet and searchable.

Be selective with your profile image or logo

Profile images are important and can be used in different ways. You can use a graphic image, photograph, or logo. Remember that profile images are displayed within a cropped circle and not as the square image you will upload.

1000 x 1000 pixels is the ideal size for a profile image. You should keep the same image on all your channels to increase recognition. Make sure the image you use is on-brand. 

Use social media channels to drive traffic

Promotion is the main thing for growing your music brand. The more you get heard by people who like your style, the more your brand will develop. To do this though, you need to promote. 

With billions of people using social media each day, you have all the tools at your disposal to reach a huge audience. SoundCloud is available in 190 countries, so anyone on social media is likely to be able to connect to your music. 

Add your SoundCloud profile image to your social media platforms. Optimize your bios, and add links to your SoundCloud account.

Upgrade your account

Consider upgrading your account to one of the Pro options. You will have a monthly subscription to pay but you will have the chance to upload more music, have unlimited storage space, and you can monetize your songs.

Upgrading opens up many more opportunities to build your brand and be heard. 

Join groups on SoundCloud

Engaging with other members on the platform is a great way to grow an audience, and you can also join groups. Find groups with similar styles of music to yours and join these. 

As a music lover you may know what to wear to a festival to be noticed, so consider how to stand out online too. Marketing yourself is going to be a big part of how you grow your brand and reach the audience your music deserves.


Musicians and bands have always had images attached to them. Punk, rock, metal, and rap, are all distinctive in the fashion and image that people associate with the artists involved. 

To appear credible today on SoundCloud you need to consider how you brand yourself, as well as the music you create. Using social media marketing can help your SoundCloud following to grow, and your brand will become recognizable across multiple channels.