How To Get More SoundCloud Followers
October 27, 2018

How To Get More SoundCloud Followers

If you want to get better and higher quality SoundCloud followers, here are some effective tips for you to use:

1. Use is a free platform that allows users to create follow-to-download gateways. Rather than simply giving away your music for free, you simply set up your music through the website and can have users consent to like, repost, and follow your account/music in exchange for a download. Setting it up is incredibly easy and all artists should be using it since it is free after all.

Similarly, you can utilize your social media and put the link to your SoundCloud in the bio of your Twitter or Instagram pages. Purchase authentic Instagram followers from Mixx or similar websites to get the initial boost your content needs to reach the target audience. Backlinking is the key to success.

2. Avoid Paying for Likes or Followers

Artists buying music promotion is not inherently bad, especially if it is good, organic promotion. However, it is not advisable to buy fake likes or plays. While it may get you additional exposure down the line, it is not worth it in the end. If listeners visit your page and realize that you have numerous plays with minimal reposts and likes, they will know that something is not right.

3. How to Get in Good with Bloggers

Being featured on a blog via submission is one of the best ways to get a quick boost for plays. However, you must first know how to network with bloggers for you to be featured. Blogs receive hundreds of music submissions each day, but the people that end up being featured, always share the following traits:

Humble: Bloggers are sick and tired of people that submit their music claiming that it is the hottest only to click the link and find that the song is not even mastered or mixed. If you have good music, your listeners will tell you as much. You don’t have to boast about your work since it will obviously be a biased opinion.

High-Quality Music: You might be an incredibly talented artist, but if the recording is not pleasing to the ear, it won’t be featured. Not everybody has the big bucks needed to get the best music engineering services in the world, but you should always strive to make it at least sound decent.

Blogger’s Needs Vs. Your Needs: It is always important to consider what the blogger wants more than what you want. When most people submit their music, the only goal in their mind is to get more listens to their songs. The reason for this is that they are self-centred. They just want to know what’s in for them, which is the exact thing that the blogger would like to know.

Bloggers want to know how their website will benefit by featuring your music. Is it so good that people are willing to share it? Is it good for building credibility for your blog? Whenever you submit your music, it is always important to keep the bloggers in mind.

One more thing: most bloggers reside on social media. All platforms, including LinkedIn. Specifically, professionals with good connections. That’s what you need. So purchase the best LinkedIn followers from Socialwick or similar websites to make them notice your account and reach out to them. This will guarantee you not only get a few plays but great connections in your field as well.

4. Think Small to Think Big

Most people just go after the top blogs, which is perfectly okay if they are able to keep up with the numerous submissions every day for the most part. However, it is important to consider the little things when you submit to stand out.

If the blog does not state that they want something specific, use a first name in the subject since it is the surest way to ensure that your submission will be opened.


It proves that you took the time to do your homework. Your chances of being featured on numerous sites will be increased by just showing that you care about the site that you are submitting to.

You should also not ignore the smaller blogs too. Some people might only receive 10 music submissions each day. Those are the probably that are most likely to be most attentive and willing to feature your music.

The big dogs already get enough attention. You can try to go to even the 2nd and 3rd page of Google’s search results when looking for blogs that accept submissions.

5. Reciprocity

If you want one-on-one attention to find out how a particular blogger can help you meet your music goals, schedule a 15-minute phone consultation or watch the video provided. You will learn more about the strategies you can use to grow your music business. If you are an artist that wishes to sincerely learn and grow, you will take advantage of these resources.

How To Get More SoundCloud Followers