How to Look Like A Gentlemen In Summers – Top 10 ways & Tips
May 25, 2020

How to Look Like A Gentlemen In Summers – Top 10 ways & Tips

Summer isn’t a season most of the people love because of the hot days and jam-packed schedule.

In summer, we usually have very little time to change our wardrobe. We know it’s challenging to dress up in summer. One of the toughest decisions to make in summer is “what to wear?” Are you thinking the same? Hold on; we have some tips for you. 

It’s strenuous to choose to dress for summer as compared to winter. As far as the winters are concerned, footwear is limitless, textures are abundant, and the layering does provide a sartorial dimension. On the other hand, summers can test you a lot with the high mercury. Wardrobe options also diminish noteworthy. 

Would you like to stay cool, but look like a gentleman in the summers too? Don’t you have any idea how to balance it out? Luckily, we have some tips and tricks for you to look no less than a smart guy. Here are some of the innovative ways to dress up in summer:

1. Don’t wear heavy workwear: If you are an office going person who is compelled to dress up in the suit, life can be hard for you. If you don’t wear a suit in the office, you may look like a classless intern. These days, there are suites available which are very light, made of silk and cotton. By wearing such dresses, you will look classy without sweating. Cool? 

Grey or cream color are better choices in summer because of their light shades. You can wear muted shades or even the blue ones keeping in mind the requirements of your workplace. If your suit has some lint or pilling, you can use Lint and pilling remover to make your suit look like a new one. 

2. Wear fresh prints: Summer definitely has the upper hand when we talk about prints and different patterns. A light and printed shirt won’t only make you look stylish, but you can avoid heat and temperature by wearing such shirts. Moreover, when you need to make an impression, don’t try anything other than printed shirts in summer. Shirts are available in the market in different patterns. Make sure to pick one according to your taste and requirement to look high-class.  

How to Look Like A Gentlemen In Summers – Top 10 ways & Tips

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Make sure to keep the rest of your look restrained, but use these shirts as statement pieces. If you are wearing a patterned button-up shirt, nothing will make you look more attractive than a chino. Use some bright colors like green, red, or anything like that. Give your ankles a bit of air by cuffing your chinos. 

3. Fashionable shorts: These days, shorts are best to wear in summer. Don’t go for that boring cargo shorts. Try some voguish shorts; cut it one to three inches above your knee. Such shorts will be casual as well as easy to wear for you even in hot summer. Do you even think of wearing tight jeans in summer? No chance!

How to Look Like A Gentlemen In Summers – Top 10 ways & Tips 

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The shorts we have described won’t give the feel of a “Dad shorts”. In case you want to go to a beach with your friends or family members, there is nothing more satisfying than shorts to enjoy your trip. For traveling, shorts are satisfactory wears. No matter how long you need to travel, a short can get the job done for you without making your irritated.

4. Use bracelets and watches: In the summer season, you may feel displeased to wear full-sleeve shirts. One way of complementing them is with bracelets or watches.

Or if you can wear half-sleeve shirts, these accessories would become even more emphasized. These days, bracelets and watches are available in different colors and designs. Leather bracelets, Bohemian bracelets, circular-dial watches: you name them. Make sure to match your watch to the dressing. This is one of the best thing men can do in order to look stunning. If you are wearing a shirt, you can use a small-dial watch having a funky glass. This won’t make you feel warm but sophisticated.

5. Upgrade your carryall: In summer, there are mostly holidays, and you plan some tours with your mates and family friends. Don’t use the old-fashioned backpacks; use stylish and exclusive option–military-style canvas. 

6. Even you can use these bags on Friday to go to your office without looking out of fashion. When you have such a fancy bag, you can go directly from the office to a party. No need to go back to your place to get your separate bag for a party. Easy-peasy!

7. Skip the socks: Can you even think of wearing socks on a hot day? If you have a stylish pair of sandals, make sure to enjoy your sandals but always sans your socks. Most of the people hate wearing sandals without socks because it leaves their feet sweaty. Such individuals can use the layer of baby powder to cool and dry their feet. 

How to Look Like A Gentlemen In Summers – Top 10 ways & Tips

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If wearing sandals without socks is making you feel uncomfortable, try using some antiperspirant across your heels. By skipping socks, you can not only get rid of your irritation, but you can be the fashion statement or the fashion icon. No-show socks can be another solution, as there will be no smell or sweat whatsoever.

8. Don’t wear black – for God’s sake: We know black is the favorite color of almost half of the world’s population, but don’t wear it in summer. Black is a heat-absorbent color. No matter how classy you look, if you don’t feel pleasant, you won’t enjoy your day. Black is the ultimate option for boys, we know that, but summer isn’t a suitable season to wear black. 

How to Look Like A Gentlemen In Summers – Top 10 ways & Tips

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Instead of using black color, wear some chic shirt of silk fabric along with maybe a pocket square. There are so many colors other than black for the summer season. Keep black for your winters not to go out of fashion. Understood? 

9. Upgrade your jean jacket: We know denim jacket can make you look fit. But you can use chambray button-down in summer that can be a perfect pick over a t-shirt too. You need to be selective towards the shades, and we are here for the assistance. If you want to be modish, use darker wash on your jeans, and the lighter wash on your shirt. 

You can tuck your shirt in (if you want), and grab a really modern belt. That’s the way to impress the world and to look astonishingly cool. Usually in summer, brown belts are preferred over the black ones. Although the choice is all yours, and you can use black too. We want you to be 100% on point in terms of your dressing sense.  

10. Wear blazers: Don’t you dare thinking that sportcoat can only be worn at work. You can wear it over the simple t-shirt. Well, go for fine-gauge knit rather than going for the t-short you often use for your gym. Most of the people think blazers are just there for button-downs, but that’s completely ridiculous. 

In order to look up to the minute, you can wear your lightweight blazer with your favorite chinos. Even you can wear shorts that are neither too stuffy, not too comfortable. That’s the way to upgrade your casual summer wear. Blazers can be worn in regions that are not too hot to handle. How’s that sound? Let’s try it out. 

11. Make your accessories count: In a hot summer, you will need your accessories more than ever. Use your Straw fedoras to keep the sun off your face. Bow ties are one of the popular choices of the summer season. For a date or even for a wedding, use the bow tie to shift your outlook from “so-so” to a “semi-formal” level.  

How to Look Like A Gentlemen In Summers – Top 10 ways & Tips

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Even if your outfit is lacking something, the sunglasses can make up for everything. Try some funky sunglasses with a nice watch on your wrist to look ultra-modern. You can look funky as well as gentlemen at the same moment. All you need is a bit of fashion sense. 

Whether it’s winter or summer, everyone wants to look glamorous. All you need is the right fashion-sense in order to choose an outfit for summer that can be superb for the occasion as well as refreshing on the eyes. Make use of our above-mentioned suggestions, and you will feel the real change in your life.  

We hope our tips will help you choose your summer wear. Don’t go for the ordinary options, and bring some uniqueness. Never be afraid of thinking outside the box when it comes to choosing your wear. Make your move and impress everyone around you with your summer collection. 

Bio: I’m a fashion designer by profession. My job is to let people know what to wear and what not to wear, so they look impressive and fashionable. I’m passionate about what I do, and I feel like I’m born to be a fashion designer. I’m an expert in the selection of a fabric for any season, keeping in mind the requirements of people. I’ve worked in various organizations, and I made people look handsome by modifying their wear.  

How to Look Like A Gentlemen In Summers