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Men's Fashion Guide: Wearing a Belt The Right Way

Belt has to be one of the most coveted fashion accessories in a men's complete ensemble. The designs, shapes, textures, and colors make them a more impressive addition to an outfit.

Those who don't follow fashion closely may find it surprising to learn that this one element of their dress can create a massive difference in how they present themselves. From a formal to casual to cool, you can achieve any look effortlessly with this little piece of your accessory.

However, many people still don't know how to use it the best way. They struggle to decide whether their belt should match their shoes or outfit. More precisely, they argue if a brown belt with brown shoes and a black belt with black shoes make the perfect combination.

Before you also start thinking in this direction, just put a brake on your mind for a while. Going by this logic, you will have to admit that you would need to wear a white belt with white sneakers.

Or, even if you desire to opt for casual attire, you will have to maintain a certain type of formal vibe. Here are some thoughtful suggestions to address all the common concerns around this.

How to create the perfect look through belts?

For a formal look

If you are attending a party, professional dinner, meeting, or such other events, you may want to go with a leather belt, leather shoes look. In that case, matching colors is recommendable.

However, you don't need to be strict with shades. Slight differences are acceptable. For some choices in belts, you can visit

For a casual dressing style

Quite likely, you will abandon your formal black and brown shoes when sporting a relaxed fashion. So, the question remains – what to do in such situations? In this scenario, you need to follow some simple rules.

For instance, you should wear a belt that goes with your outfit. For example, if your cloth is in blacks or whites and shoes are in shades of whites, grays, or blacks, you can pick a black belt.

For outfits with darker or vibrant hues, such as purple, dark green, navy blue, orange, mustard, tan, brown, and burgundy, you can choose a brown belt.

Points to consider

If you observe it, you will also agree that men's wardrobes consist of neutrals like white, black, variations of gray, olive, dark and light shades of blue, etc. These are some of the most common colors that you find in a man's closet.

You can have many more options too, but these form the basics. And one should stick with them also as they can mix and match with others quickly.

So, if you pair them with darker or unusual colors too, you can still cling to black, gray, brown, or blue belt depending on the combination.

So, are you ready to dress up? Don't forget to choose a beautiful leather belt for yourself. Even when you pick an informal style, you can add it to your overall look to give it a covert luxe appeal. 

Wearing a Belt The Right Way