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5 Summer Fashion Tips for Men in 2020

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5 Summer Fashion Tips for Men in 2020

Gone are the days where men could show up anywhere in basketball shorts. Now that everyone has an Instagram, you need to make sure your "fit" is camera-ready.

If you didn't know basketball shorts were no longer acceptable in public (generally) you should have prepped more for the latest summer fashion. Even if it’s not something you usually keep up with. Don’t worry, we keep up with it and we can help you upgrade your wardrobe to something that will impress anyone.

Check out this guide to learn all the latest summer trends that every man is going to be rocking this summer.

1. Cross-Body Bag

Time to leave the house! Better not leave your wallet, keys, and phone. Okay, so men don't have too much to carry around but they still may not like filling up their pockets with a bunch of bulky items.

That's where the cross-body bag comes in. It's a trendy and practical way to bring a little personality to your outfit. If the strap on your bag is too long, tie it in a knot for a little extra focal interest.

2. Cuban Collar Shirt

Cuban collar shirts have an iconic raised collar and short sleeves. They usually come in funky fun patterns and bright colors.

Complete this summer look with a nice pair of white pants for men and some cool shades.

3. Flare Pants

The big flare pants from the 70s are back with a vengeance in 2020. You know the ones we're talking about. Thin at the top and baggy at the bottom.

You can choose to bring emphasis to the bell-bottom by pairing these pants with a tight-fitting shirt or keep the flare consistent with an oversized hoodie.

4. Over the Knee Shorts

Over the knee, shorts are the ultimate in casual. They're the perfect thing to wear if you want to stay cool while not showing off too much leg.

These shorts come in both bright colors and unique patterns. They go well with open button-up shirts.

5. Shield Sunglasses

Shield sunglasses are the perfect thing for you to wear to protect your eyes from the harsh sun. wearing them will make you look like you've stepped out of a futuristic Sci-Fi novel.

You can choose to wear them in the largest size you can find to really make a statement or go a little more subtle with a smaller pair.

Summer Fashion Options for Men

Are you ready to make a statement this summer? Wearing a cross-body bag or rocking the right shades can make a great accompaniment to any outfit. With summer also comes bright Cuban styled shirts and over the knee shorts.

Try out a combo of any of these men's summer fashion options and look your best this season.

You want to look good all throughout 2020. Not just in the summer. Check out our blog daily for all the latest fashion tips.

5 Summer Fashion Tips for Men in 2020