How to Choose Clothes that Make You More Handsome
August 30, 2021

How to Choose Clothes that Make You More Handsome

The truth is youre reading this because you want to learn to dress well, to be more appealing to women. This is a real struggle many men have gone through for centuries now. But how can clothes help with this? The reality is women love strong, tall, well built men. So if you dont make the cut on some parts, you can use cloths to balance out your proportions. You may already own some good statement pieces but read on if you want to know how to choose items that make you more attractive as a man. 

How to Choose Clothes

Be Mindful That Dressing Properly is a Skill

Similar to cooking or taking pictures, dressing nicely is a skill set that can be mastered. Just like with every other skill, the more you practice, the better you get. This means that if you’re really smart you will take each day as an opportunity to grow and cultivate this skill of dressing well and get better every day, with the right training, even if it's self-taught or even if you prefer Korean clothing brands to start your styling journey.

Position Your Eye” To Identify Styles You Like 

Rule number one, look for a style of any person you feel looks good, even if you doubt you may be able to pull it off yourself. This individual could be an athlete, a celeb, or a musician. Or even an imaginary character. From this exercise alone you can develop your sense of style even if you dont know why you like that particular style at the time is okay. 

Get The Correct Fit

When it comes to good style, having the right fit is critical. When your clothes dont fit correctly, they have a way of throwing off the proportions of your body. Due to the excess material, clothes that are way bigger than you can make you look fatter, shorter, and also sloppier than you actually are. 

Men usually wear clothes that are way bigger than they are because this makes them feel more comfortable. If it's not that, it's because theyre not aware of how clothes should fit, to begin with. The bottom line is you dont need a suit to look good, you just need a proper fit to look better in just about anything. 

Find Stylish People to Surround Yourself With

Whenever you want to make a change, particularly a physical change in your style the biggest hurdle will surprise you. You may find that people in your social circle wont have a positive response to your new look. This is because change is not comfortable for most people. Others may feel threatened by your new lease on life almost as though youre competing with them when in fact youre investing more in your overall wellbeing. Another option is to surround yourself with people even if theyre online, that way youll always have a positive point of reference.

Last Words

Achieving a great style sense can be effortless. All you have to do is purchase clothing items that fit you really well, that way you will mitigate 90% of your style problems. Place your focus on classic first.” This is because timeless pieces look great on any guy on any day. Also, try and keep to a neutral color palette. Neutrals mix and match each other almost naturally. They will help you look more professional and handsome for many decades to come, you can bet on it!