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Decorating & Style Tips for Men

Every man has his own style. Whether it’s casual and laid back or classy and elegant, you like what you like, and you’ll get what you need to get your look just right.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Taking pride in your appearance and your home can be a great way to express yourself, as well as a good indicator of your personality for those who are getting to know you.

However, a lack of a cohesive style can make you look unprepared or send mixed messages to others. If you’re not sure exactly what your style is or what it says about you, use these tips to pinpoint your look.

Decorating Your Home

If you’re the type of person who gets excited about the opportunities that come with moving to a new apartment or a new city, you might also be excited about the chance to decorate your new pad.

Even if you’re not moving, redecorating your home can be a breath of fresh air that can make you feel like a brand new man. However, you may not be sure exactly where to start. Follow these three steps to approach your home decor with style and grace:

1. Create a Mental Layout

The thing about decorating a home is that you have to balance form with function. You need to consider where all of your belongings will fit.

A cluttered room with no clear decorative intention often looks messy, which is probably not what you’re going for. Conversely, you don’t want your living spaces to look too unfurnished. Before starting to move things around, create a mental layout of how you want the room to look.

2. Get Rid of Things

If you’re moving and know how big your new place is, you can make the move a lot easier by getting rid of furniture and other belongings that won’t fit in your new place.

This can help you save on moving costs and can make moving, in general, a lot easier by reducing the amount of stuff you’ll need to move.

3. Make Your Room an Extension of Yourself

The best part of decorating a room is that it gives you a chance to reflect on how you feel about your belongings and what objects you value.

If you like photos, now would be a great opportunity to frame the photos you have lying around and find a good spot on a wall or table to display them. This shows your guests that you care about your memories and that you’re proud of them.

Recreating Your Style

After getting the layout of your home nailed down, you can start using aesthetic details and home accessories to seal the deal.

You can do a lot with a few decorations, whether you’re trying to create a space where your pals can hang or are looking for an elegant, intimate setting to impress the people in your life.

If you’re looking to make a great spot for your friends to kick back comfortably, play some pool and darts, and have a cold one, you’re probably wanting more of a “man cave” vibe.

This calls for some fun decorations that produce a laid-back atmosphere, such as a music corner, a bar, and a game room with a pool table, foosball, and darts would make the perfect spot to let loose.

You can also go for something more elegant by keeping the decor minimalist, but sticking with high-quality products with rich colours, such as heavy curtains and rugs.

For room decor, maintain a colour pattern throughout each room, whether it be dark and serious or light and ornate. Channel your style through the details of your home so you feel comfortable in it.

Changing Up Your Look

There are many ways to go when you’re redecorating your appearance as part of your overall makeover. One of the most important aspects of a man’s style is his hair and facial hair.

These things say a lot about a person; short hair and a close shave mean you’re clean cut, while slightly longer hair and a 5 o’clock shadow make you look a little gruffer. A long beard and head of hair may make you look more mountainy and like you don’t focus on your looks.

A close shave can be easy to manage, as you simply need a good razor, shaving cream, and to remember to shave every other day (this may vary depending on how fast your facial hair grows).

For a long beard, you should go in for occasional trims to make sure it maintains a good shape as it grows. However, for a good five o’clock shadow, you’ll need some more precise shaving tools.

A good beard trimmer will help you maintain an effortless look that’s the perfect in-between for a lot of people, including the workplace.

After this, all you’ll need to do is visit your favourite barber for an updated cut and style and you’ll be a brand new man.

There’s a lot to change about your home and appearance, but the little changes make all the difference.

Whether you’re giving your home a full makeover or simply adding some details to really emphasize your style, changing things up a little can make a huge difference in how you feel in your home.

Similarly, a good haircut and beard trip can do wonders for your self-image and confidence. It’s worth investing some time and effort into feeling good about yourself.

Decorating & Style Tips for Men