15 Short Hairstyles For Men
July 09, 2024

15 Short Hairstyles For Men

Today we're going to cover 15 short hairstyles for men to try.

You want to stay cool and comfortable. And short hairstyles for men just do that for you. 

Long hairstyles look good but can be real pain maintaining them. 

Here's why short men's hairstyles are perfect for. 
  • Men's short haircut is super easy to maintain 
  • Short hairstyles are manageable even if you sweat a lot. 
  • Short hairstyles will help you fresh even in the extreme heat. Imagine messy long hairs due to sweat. Long hairstyle will make you look tired and all messed up. 
  • You can try way more different haircuts with short hairs. 
  • The versatility of short hairstyle makes it work in almost in any situations. From boardroom meeting to the coffee shop with friends. A short hairstyle will work no matter your outfit. 

    From high fade to Mohawk to professional short haircuts, you can try a ton of new hairstyles with short hairs. 

    Today, we've curated 15 amazing short men's hairstyles that you can try in 2020.

    Do you want to look edgy? No problem, you can try messy buzz cut with the shaved line. 

    Want a professional hairstyle? Fret not, a short sweep back hairstyle will work best for you. 

    So, now that we know you can try as many haircuts as you like with short hairstyle, let's look at some of the coolest short hairstyles we've curated for you today. 

    If anyone tells you that longer hairstyles are the only sort of cool and edgy way of wearing your hair – they are misguiding you.

    Yes, it goes without saying that longer hair can be worn in some of the coolest ways possible, but you can also make shorter hair look really cool on you. 

    The trick to getting shorter hair right is going to the salon regularly for timely trims and building a flexible and workable styling routine for yourself.

    Now, you might wonder what makes shorter hair more convenient than longer hair if I have to go to the salon regularly?

    Well, here's your answer - not only do you have to go to the salon regularly for longer hair, but you also have to build yourself a far more elaborate washing and styling routine when you have longer hair.

    By contrast, shorter hair is easier to dry, easier to style, and easier to maintain because it requires very little product. Also, shorter hair is far more versatile. You can wear it to work and you can wear it to more informal occasions with ease.

    So read our guide on short hairstyles to pick the one best suited to you

    Here's a list of short haircuts we've featured in this post. 

    1. Messy Buzz Cut + Shaved Line
    2. Mohawk Haircut
    3. Short Textured Crop
    4. Buzz + Fade + Line-Up
    5. UltraShort Spikes
    6. Short Men’s Haircut for Thick Hair
    7. Comb Over Fade
    8. Short Sweep Back for Thick Hair
    9. Short Pomp
    10. Spikes For Thick Hair
    11. Short Textured Crop
    12. Low Fade Messy Spikes
    13. High Fade + Crop
    14. Heavy Crop for Thick Hair
    15. Spiky Crop

    15 Short Hairstyles For Men

    15 Short Hairstyles For Men 

    1. Messy Buzz Cut + Shaved Line

    This is one of the easiest and coolest hairstyles out there. Buzz cuts have been in fashion for quite some time now, but adding a shaved the line to it is like adding a cherry on the top.

    This is, of course, a messier buzz cut, so you will need to put in some effort to make it look effortless and messy – without it looking unkempt.  There are two tricks to getting this hairstyle just right. First, pay attention to the natural texture of your hair and ask your hair stylist to work accordingly. 

    You can also add more texture to your hair by adding streaks of highlights in a color that gels well with the natural color of your hair.  The second trick is in positioning the line just right.

    When adding a shaved line make sure that you position it in a way that compliments your face, and that the length of the shaved line is just right. You can ask your stylist to advise you on the kind of hair products that will help you maintain the texture.

    Messy Buzz Cut + Shaved Line

    2. Mohawk Short Haircut

    Mohawk haircuts have been trending for quite some time now, and for good reason. With Mohawk haircuts it is best to commit to the natural flamboyance that the cut brings to your overall appearance.

    Remember that mohawk haircuts require more commitment when it comes to maintaining them, so choose this hairstyle with that in mind.  Of course, with shorter hair, mohawk haircuts become much easier to maintain.

    Because mohawk haircuts originated in the 1970 along with Punk Rock musicians and the counterculture movement, they have a very organic edge about themselves.

    But that edge is not a limitation on its versatility. If you have naturally curly hair like in the look in this case the mohawk will not be as prominent but that might actually be an advantage because this means that your hairstyle will look perfect in even professional settings.

    Mohawk Haircut

    3. Short Textured Crop

    This hairstyle is particularly easy to maintain. In fact, you have to mainly commit to maintaining the fade on the sides to make this hairstyle look neat  and fashionable. 

    Because of the texture in the central crop of hair, this hairstyle looks very organically fashionable. The main thing that you have to do here is keep your hair well moisturized and tangle free. Also, this is the kind of hairstyle that looks great with facial hair. 

    This hairstyle is also very suitable for a wide range of ages and the occasions. It is particularly easy to style in professional settings. And because of the neatness of its appearance,  it affords a certain quiet elegance to your look. if you are the kind of person who appreciates a minimalistic look, this is the perfect hairstyle for you.

    You can also add slight hints of colour at the centre to add even more texture to your hair.

    Short Textured Crop

    4. Buzz + Fade + Line Up

    This is a combination made in fashion heaven. With the sharp clean lines of a buzz cut bringing out your natural texture, this haircut blends minimalism with precision – adding an effortless modernism to your overall appearance. 

    It is one of the most interesting ways to make a buzz cut more personal. We highly advise that you go to the right kind of hair stylist to get the cut, because each of these three elements would need to blend really seamlessly for this look to give its maximum impact.

    Especially if you have naturally curly hair, like in the look here, you would need your stylist to give you some advice on how to maintain the look on a personal level. You would need a fine-toothed comb to keep your hair detangled and some light styling products that will help you shape your hair without weighing it down.

    This would also require a regular trimming, so keep that in mind when choosing this hairstyle.

    Buzz + Fade + Line Up

    5. UltraShort Spikes

    You know how people say that it is very easy to look younger if you pick the right hairstyle? Ultra-short spikes help you do just that  and rather effortlessly.

    Of course, the look here also incorporates a fade along with the short spikes, which helps  the look have more texture and variation, making it even more interesting.

    Spikes are very easy to detangle,  which makes them really convenient.  But it is also very easy to make them look very stiff if you go with the wrong kind of hair styling product. 

    So, make sure that you choose your product wisely and that you go to your stylist regularly for trimming your hair. Also,  if you want to look comparatively younger, you can sport this hairstyle very easily without any facial hair.

    This hairstyle is also very easy to sport with a vast range of looks whether professional or informal.

    Ultra Short Spikes

    6. Short Men’s Haircut for Thick Hair

    This style is for those who struggle with the thickness of their hair.  While hair density is a coveted quality for most people, it can be rather difficult to style your hair according to your will if your hair is too thick.

    The bigger problem arises when you want to add styling products to your hair. Thicker hair is very likely to look unnaturally stiff with heavy styling products. This particular hairstyle can really help you if you have thick hair. 

    It is best to steer clear of styling products in this case as well, but if you still would like your hair to have some hold, make sure that you go for something that has a very light consistency. 

    And with thicker hair - if you are going to add product to it, make sure that you shampoo your hair on a regular basis to avoid  build up. 

    This one also incorporates a fade, to make the thickness more manageable.

    Short Men’s Haircut for Thick Hair

    7. Comb Over Fade

    The comb over fade combines the best of both worlds – it is both classic in its charm and modern in its minimalism.

    With this hairstyle, you want to commit to the neatness of the look. So, the shorter hairstyle will help. If you want, you can keep the hair heavier on one side, with a slight raise to give it more volume.

    To style it like the look here, you need some holding product to keep the hair in place. For this style, you would need a heavier product – a pomade or a wax would be perfect for this, but if you want to go with something lighter, you can go for a hair gel.

    Just make sure that the hair gel has a reasonably good hold. Also make sure to wash your hair regularly and thoroughly to avoid product build-up, and condition your hair very well the keep the central crop tangle free.

    Comb Over Fade

    8. Short Sweep Back for Thick Hair

    This is an endlessly charming hairstyle. With this style, your stylist’s job is easier than yours. It is the styling and maintenance on a personal level that you have to commit to.

    To style your hair in this hairstyle, start a few minutes after your shower to gently dry your hair, but do not dry it completely. Damp hair will help you place the product more evenly.

    Take a small amount of styling product, preferably something lighter and go in gently, styling your hair and detangling with your fingertips. Then, with your fingers, sweep your hair to the side that best suits your face.

    Do not go in with the comb at first. You can dry your hair with a blow-drier too, but make sure that the product that you have used does not separate when you apply the heat to it. Also, go in for regular trims to maintain the look.

    Short Sweep Back for Thick Hair

    9. Short Pomp

    It is a wonder that more people do not opt for the shorter pomp when it comes to choosing a hairstyle for themselves. Short pomp, an elegant and versatile spin on the classic pompadour, is low on the maintenance and high on the pay-off.

    All you need is a good conditioner to give your hair that natural fluff, and a product to help you work off that volume to create that pomp.

    Shorter pomp hairstyles are most affected by oiliness, so make sure you clean your hair regularly to avoid getting it greasy.

    Because you are styling your hair upwards and backwards, this hairstyle will look voluminous very naturally.

    But if you want it to look even more voluminous, you can add a dry shampoo to your hair care regimen to get rid of that excess oil.

    Of course, this hairstyle can have many variations, depending on your personal preference and hair texture.

    11. Short Pomp

    10. Spikes For Thick Hair

    Thick hair and spikes are a match made in heaven. The look is stylish, only slightly irreverent in its playfulness and it has a boyish charm about it that few other hairstyles can mimic.

    Spikes do require a little bit of a touch up around the clock, so make sure you never use too much product at one go. Instead, add small amounts of product at regular intervals to keep the look intact.

    You can also go for either a messier spike look, or the neater, more even one. For a messier look, like the one here, you would need to principally style with your fingers, twisting your hair in different directions in concerted sections.

    For a neater appearance, stick to using a comb. Make sure you wash your hair well to rinse of all the product that you add throughout the day.

    Thick Spiky Hair

    11. Short Textured Crop

    The short textured crop is a spin on the classic crop hairstyle, and it is a more playful version of it. The beauty of this hairstyle is in its texture. Now, there are various ways in which you could get this texture yourself.

    You can either go for styling products that add texture to certain sections of your hair, or you can add more texture by streaking your hair slightly with colours that complement your natural hair.

    The chief trick is in getting your hair to look voluminous but feel weightless. This is the kind of style that thrives on contrasts.

    There are clean lines which meet tousled waves, therefore creating a dynamic interplay of neatness and controlled chaos.

    But this interplay has to be seamless and subtle, which is why you should go for this only if you have a trusted and experienced stylist.

    Short Textured Crop

    12. Low Fade Messy Spikes

    This is one of the most versatile hairstyles out there, and the best thing about this is that it can be both boyish and mature depending on how you style it personally and what kind of outfit you pair it with.

    The thing about messy spikes is that you have to deliberately avoid styling them perfectly. They have to look laidback and easy-going, which is why you would need some practice in styling them.

    Make sure you go with a lighter styling product to style your spikes, otherwise they will end up looking a little too stiff. Also, it is best to style your spikes with your fingertips if you want the look to be messy.

    Combs can make it look too neat and even. The low fade plays a crucial role here, offering a clean contrast that allows the messy spikes to shine.

    They will add a certain neatness to the overall look, and this neatness will add more to the messy spikes.

    Messy Spikes

    13. High Fade + Crop

    Crops work best when the hair is slightly longer than in the case of spikes. It concentrates the attention on the top of your hair and it adds more height.

    These also look really great with some streaks, as that can help add even more texture to your hair.

    Because this also incorporates a high fade, you would need to visit your barber regularly for a few trims to maintain the crop and the contrast with the fade, as well as to discuss any adjustments or styling tips specific to your hair type.

    Also, because you want the hair at the top to look voluminous and silky, invest in regular deep conditioning treatments to keep your hair moisturized and healthy.

    If your hair look dry, you will lose out on the charm that this hairstyle affords. You can also invest in a good quality serum to keep your hair moisturised.

    High Fade + Crop

    14. Heavy Crop for Thick Hair

    For those who have denser hair, a heavy crop can be the perfect styling solution. And it will get much easier to maintain with a shorter length.

    The heavy crop typically involves keeping the sides and back short, and you can also add a fade or taper on the sides to give your hairstyle more contrast and structure.

    If you have really dense hair, stick to lighter styling products. Distribute the product on your hair evenly with your fingertips and make sure that you do not let the product set before you have achieved the kind of styling that you want.

    This would need some practice on your part, but it will get easier with time. If you want to keep the crop exact, you would need to visit your barber pretty regularly. Also, make sure you keep your detangled so that it does not look unkempt.

    Heavy Crop for Thick Hair

    15. Spiky Crop

    While the crop cut has clean lines, spikes involve adding just a touch of charming, boyish messiness to the look.

    This style is versatile and youthful, and it helps add a playfulness to any outfit that might wear. Depending on the pace at which your hair grows, you would have to schedule regular trims - one every 5-6 weeks to maintain the shape of the crop, and keep the sides and back short.

    Also, style your crops with a different texture at the front and at the crown to make the look more interesting.

    The front can be slightly side-swept, like the style here, and the centre can have messier spikes. You can ask your stylist to help you with the style once, and you can follow through thereafter.

    Spiky Crop

    15 Short Hairstyles For Men
    Short Hairstyles For Men


    15 Short Hairstyles For Men

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