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7 Traits of a Professional Barber

Are you planning on becoming a hairdresser? Perhaps you wish to learn how you can recognise a professional barber from a beginner? Maybe you already bought your professional barber starter kit and are looking for the best pointers to get started? Whatever is your case, you might want to know a few essential traits every good barber should possess.

Cutting hair is considered by some people to be an artform. For them, hairstylists join the ranks of painters and other professional artists. They use their scissors to create perfect hairstyles, just like Caravaggio used his brushes to create unique paintings. This level of mastery is something remarkable, and it should not go unnoticed.

In this article, you will learn what traits every master barber should have. If you wish to find the best barber in your town, read on.

The Ability to Listen

According to the barbering industry insiders, the whole point of a haircut is to make the client feel better. Therefore, the barber’s primary goal is to listen to his client’s needs and make him feel comfortable. It is the barber’s job to find out what the client wants, and make sure it is accomplished. For example, if the client says he wants a haircut that will look professional for his office job, the barber will know exactly what he wants. His job is to make sure that happens.

Figuring Out What’s Best For the Client

Of course, the client might not be sure what he wants. He might say something like “I don’t know what I want for my haircut, just do what you think is best.” In this case, it is the barber’s job to be professional and do his best to make sure his client gets what he wants.

There are many ways to do this. For example, by asking the client whether he wants his hair shorter on the left or right side, or whether he wants a hairline that is higher or lower.

The barber should also ask the client whether he wants his hairline trimmed up, or even whether he wants a side part or a middle part. This way, the barber will cut the client’s hair exactly according to his wishes.

The Ability to Listen to Advice From Other Staff Members

Sometimes, the client might not be able to express himself clearly. This is when it is the barber’s job to rely on the advice of other staff members. For example, if the client says he wants a neat haircut but doesn’t know how to describe it, the barber should ask for advice from other staff members. A good hairstylist should trust his staff members. After all, they are experts in their field. This way, the customer will get exactly what he wants and feel happy about it.

Handling Difficult Situations with Ease

From time to time, clients might start asking for unreasonable things. They might say they want a haircut that has never been seen before, or that will be hard for the barber to accomplish. No matter how crazy these requests might be, the barber must remain calm and collected at all times. He should be confident in his abilities and know that he can get the job done properly.

No matter how many times a customer tries to push him away, he should not give up and continue doing his job to perfection. Even if he doesn’t know how to cut a certain style of haircut, he still must never lose confidence in himself. Sometimes this will require patience and perseverance, but it is a skill every professional barber must possess.

Accepting Criticism with Grace

While some clients try to push their barbers away out of frustration, others will do so out of pure disrespect or even pure hatred. This kind of customer has no intention of respecting his barber or paying good money for his hair services. He will try to insult him or even fight with him if he feels angry enough.

In this situation, it is crucial that the barber remains calm and confident in his abilities. He must get the job done as quickly as possible and try not to let anything else bother him. Keep in mind that other people may be waiting in line and observe how you deal with pesky customers, so it is also a matter of reputation!

The Ability to Clean Up After Himself

After completing a haircut, he must put all items away in their rightful places: combs, brushes and anything else he uses for his services. He must also tidy up the area around him so that it looks tidy and clean at all times. After all, this is part of his job and he should expect nothing less from himself than perfection in everything he does.

If your local barber doesn’t clean up after each haircut, then you might want to find someone else who can do a better job than him. After all, no one likes visiting a dirty salon where there are stray hairs scattered everywhere on the floor or hanging from the ceiling!

Handling Hair Dyeing with Ease

Many salons offer additional services such as dyeing hair with various different colors. If your local barber offers hair dyeing as an additional service, then you should consider yourself lucky because most salons do not offer this option anymore due to growing safety issues.

Final Thought: Be Conversational!

Finally, in order to make sure you have a pleasant time at the salon, your barber should be able to maintain a pleasant conversation with you. This might seem unimportant, but it is actually quite crucial. For example, if your barber is able to strike up a nice conversation with you while doing your hair, then you will not feel as if you are in a cold and uncomfortable environment.

You will be more at ease and will probably enjoy the whole experience. On the other hand, if your barber is unable to keep a conversation going with you, then you will probably start feeling uncomfortable and might even want to leave early.

7 Traits of a Professional Barber