6 Awesome Man Cave Gift Ideas for Men
April 04, 2018

6 Awesome Man Cave Gift Ideas for Men

A Man Cave is the holy sanctuary of every man. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, on average we sacrifice around 8 hours every day to the establishment that is work.

After such a long day, we all need our own ‘space’, away from society, our office, and yes, even temporarily from our loved ones to just kick back and do what men do best- nothing.

Whether for yourself or your other fellow man friends, the following are 6 great gift ideas to stock up inside a man cave. Let's get started.

1. Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Set

According to a CNN ireport, dartboards are a brilliant way of relieving stress while having a little fun. It’s also a great way to pass the time. What says game night like a good old competition between friends to see who can shoot straight?

Man cave items

Dartboard cabinets have everything that’s needed to take the game to the next level:

  • An electronic scoreboard
  • An LED display
  • Inbuilt Gaming options and a range of difficulty levels.
  • Mounting hardware
  • A bullseye, which is designed to reduce bounce outs. This is a brilliant way of keeping the walls and surroundings safe from dart marks.
  • Some will have an electronic heckler, who adds a touch of comedy to the experience

The best part is; you can hide the big ugly board once you’re done by closing the ‘cupboard’ doors!

2. Mini Fridge

Imagine sitting in front of the TV, watching the game of the season and then having to leave the room to grab a snack. It’s awful, right?

You might miss a crucial part. To stop your friend from sharing in your agony, buy him a mini fridge for his man cave.

He can stock it up with all of his favourite drinks and refrigerated snacks, and never worry about losing another second of TV time again!

If you are buying a mini fridge make sure that it:

  • Doesn’t take up too much space.
  • Has a freezer. Not all mini fridges have one but if you are getting one for your friend you may as well go the extra mile.
  • Has a compressor powered a cooling system, as it is more efficient than a thermoelectric system.

3. Ergonomic Office Chair


Every man cave needs comfortable seating, and nothing says comfort like an ergonomic office chair.

They are designed to provide lumbar support, reducing the strain on your muscles and bones while maintaining your body’s natural posture.

This is very important, especially if your friend enjoys sitting in front of the TV and playing video games for long periods of time. The fact that it has wheels makes this chair even better; forget walking he can wheel himself everywhere!

When buying an ergonomic office chair:

  • Check that it has a neck rest.
  • Remember to check the size and adjustments.
  • Make sure it looks nice and fits in with the rest of the decor.

4. Pinball Machine

pin ball

Pinball machines are a type of arcade game, making them a perfect addition to any man cave.  

If your friend is addicted to old-school fun and games, this is the perfect gift for him! The Pinball machine truly is one of those vintage gifts with an age-old appeal that entertains people for hours on end.

When looking for a pinball machine consider the following:

  • Solid State(SS) or Dot Matrix Display (DMD).

    An SS pinball machine is basically controlled by a computer. They are commonly plasma and have a range of components including slingshots, pop bumpers and mechanical flippers.

    The DMD is a more ‘modern’ version. Depending on when they were made you will get one with a plasma or LCD display.
  • Repairs

    Buy a pinball machine that can be repaired. Vintage things are great but electronics act up after a while. You need to look for a company that will sell you the product and repair it in case your friend has any issues.
  • Size

    Make sure your friend has space before you get them a pinball machine. They are big and they are bulky!


5. Soda Fountain Machine

soda machine

There is a certain charm about soda fountains. Not to mention that they are more economical than buying bottles of soda over time, which take up valuable fridge space to boot.

If your friend places it next to their sofa, they won’t even need to get up to refill their cup. Imagine it, the look in your friend's eye when he realises the possibilities a free-flowing soda machine can bring!

6. Big Screen TV


A Big Screen TV is a must for every man cave. Watching the latest football game, playing games, or just netflixing become a whole new experience on the big screen.

Big Screen TV’s seriously add an edge to your TV experience. Not to mention that they look great in a man cave.

You need to look consider the following things when buying a TV for your friend:

  • Make sure it has 4k Resolution.
  • Check the screen type; do you want to get your friend a curved one? It allows for full immerse and looks really cool!
  • Size: You should consider a 55-inch screen but check how much wall space your friend has before buying it!

A man cave is only as good as the things in it. In the end, any one of these options makes a great gift for you or your friend.

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