Guide For Leather Footwear
November 21, 2022

A Care And Maintenance Guide For Leather Footwear

Leather shoes are the go-to option for people who are looking for convenient, durable, and fashionable footwear. However, like other materials, leather shoes still need proper care and maintenance to make them long-lasting. One could ensure this by using the right products and following a care and maintenance routine.

Suppose you own your first pair of leather footwear. In that case, you may consider knowing a care and maintenance guide to ensure your footwear’s finest appearance and durability. This way, you’ll make the most of your money and shoes. For that purpose, here’s an article to guide you.

Guide For Leather Footwear

Use The Right Products

Using the appropriate products is one way of keeping leather footwear shiny and durable. In many cases, these remove dirt and stains that affect the luster. In addition, these products also enhance the shoes’ color and protect them from moisture and similar issues.

For more ideas of what you can use in cleaning and maintaining your leather footwear, jump into the following:

  • Brush

  • Excellent shoe polishing brushes have wooden handles and goat and horse hair as bristles. They’re ideal for removing hardened dirt and buffing the leather with shoe wax or cream. Since the bristles are typically soft, they can clean the leather thoroughly without damaging the material.

    If you’re looking for a top-notch polishing brush, you may visit the pages of horsehair brushes linked here or go to similar websites. You may also visit brick-and-mortar stores of shoe products in your locality. You may also seek the advice of seasoned shoe cleaners for more insights.

  • Cream Or Wax

  • In choosing a shoe cream or wax, you may consider its ease of application. Many shoe polish products only need a cloth or brush to shine the shoe and revive its faded color. This is a simple standard you may also follow. If you’re after a natural finish and a moisturizing effect, you can choose cream. On the other hand, select wax polish if you’re into extra sheen and protection such as water resistance.

  • Buffing Cloth

  • Look for a cloth with the absorbent qualities of a microfiber but thicker than it. This ensures it’s soft enough for wax and cream application but thick enough to absorb moisture. In addition, the fabric shouldn’t be easy to tear and wear after repeated usage.

    Apart from the products mentioned above, you may use soap and water for stubborn dirt and stains. When choosing the products, ensure they’re quick to remove scuff marks and stains from leather footwear.

    Clean Regularly

    Whether you’re wearing casual shoes or artsy-fartsy sneakers, regular cleaning is necessary. Brushing and wiping are components of this. Simple brushing or wiping of leather shoes is a simple way of keeping the footwear shiny and free from dirt. Through this practice, one can keep the dirt and grim away from the leather. If you ignore the dirt and grime in the leather, it may soon start cracks that could further damage the shoe.

    Apart from brushing, you may also schedule the application of shoe wax and cream even if the shoes aren’t dirty. This way, the footwear retains its color and sheen more extendedly. You may also apply shoe spray to keep the footwear moisture-resistant, hard-wearing, and glossy for a long time.

    Guide For Leather Footwear

    Use A Shoe Tree

    Putting a shoe tree in your shoes helps in moisture absorption. As a result, the footwear will avoid creasing and ensure its dryness. Apart from the dampness, a shoe tree can also eliminate the foul odor depending on its brand.

    In choosing a shoe tree, select the one with cedar or poplar material. Cedar types can be recognized by their reddish color while poplar types are brownish. Apart from the material, you may also consider the size of the shoe tree and how it’d fit your footwear.

    Avoid Walking On Wet Areas

    Even if one’s shoes are waterproof, they still have limits to consider before walking in a downpour or a puddle. You may use a shoe cover to protect your footwear if the rain has suddenly poured while you’re outside.

    If your shoes get wet, avoid drying them using an electric fan or similar devices. Drying them under the sun can also cause cracks, especially when sudden and with extreme exposure. As an alternative, you can just air-dry the footwear for a day or two.

    Keep The Shoes In A Dust Bag

    If you’re not using your shoes, you can just cover them with a dust bag to minimize the dust entering your shoes. You may keep them in their original shoe boxes if you prefer the traditional way.

    Wrapping Up

    Walking with glossy and durable footwear builds confidence and makes a person stand out in a crowd. Keeping them clean and maintained is one way to make the most of time, money, and effort.