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How to Take Care of Your Sneakers

How to Take Care of Your Sneakers

Most people rush to buy sneakers immediately they hear that a designer-sneaker is on sale in the market. However, do they have an idea of how to care for them the right way to ensure they are durable and keep looking as new?

When you get your hands on some sleek kicks, do not spoil that excitement to wear them after a few washes because you gave them a different look as you do not know to care for them accordingly.

Therefore, it is best to know how to care for them in the right way to keep the shoes smelling fresh and looking good. Below are ways on how you can care for your sneakers.

Use the right shoe cleaner 

When you have the right shoe cleaner to clean Nike Air Max sneakers, you will have your kicks looking their best even after many years.

There are many versatile cleaners in the market that you can use to wash various types of sneakers, and you can choose a suitable one to use. Importantly, the cleaner you choose should help maintain the integrity of the luxurious fabric of your sneakers.

Wash your sneakers with water, soft brush, a cleaning solution. Scrub with the cleaner and wipe it clean after. Some companies offer microfiber towels to use to wipe the shoes, but an old t-shirt can do just fine.

Restore your laces 

How to Take Care of Your Sneakers

As you clean your sneaker laces, especially the white laces. Avoid throwing them in bleach and water and cleaning them. Although this works, ones the laces dry and you have them back in your shoes, you will see the damage this cleaning solution does.

The laces have weakened fibers because of the bleach, and the look of lace colors and that of the sneaker color due to the slight fade have a different color as you continuously clean them in this way.

So, try an alternative approach to maintain the look of your laces. Soak them in warm water and use a mild cleaner, swirl them around, rinse them, let them dry and you will notice a difference. 

Fight the foot funk 

If you have smelly insoles due to a sweaty feet problem. As part of caring for your sneakers, you need to find a solution to solving this problem. One way that you can try, is taking the insoles out to allow them to dry.

Then treat them with a fragrance spray or a sneaker spray that you can buy as you purchase your shoes. Choose one that has masculine spicy mint notes and use it to take care of this foot funk issue. Alternatively, you can opt to wear moisture-wicking socks, especially when you have sweaty feet.

These socks are incredible, and die-hard runners love them because of the dry wicking technology as you can use them often for your sweaty feet. In this way, you care for your shoes and also are comfortable using them as they keep you warm and dry.

Have on-the-go solutions 

How to Take Care of Your Sneakers


Some sneaker cleaning companies have provided an ideal on-the-go solution cleaning wipes. These simple wipes are a premium cleaning solution that allows you to have portable treatment for your sneakers.

Choose the wipes that have two sides, one that is textured to help wipe with a slight abrasiveness to clean tough stains and the other side smooth and plain that helps to use for spot cleaning.

Since the wipes are portable, you just have to have them in your backpack, and as you move around, you can spill anything or get splashed on and the wipes will come in handy. Helping you to care for your shoes easily. 

Use dryer sheets 

How to Take Care of Your Sneakers

Not only are dryer sheets of great use around the house, but you can use them for your sneakers. Although most people use them only when their shoes are smelly, try using them to just keep your shoes smelling fresh even after you have already had them clean.

Use the fabric sheets to keep your shoes fresh even when they are in the shoe rack. Additionally, keep the sheets in your shoes while you are traveling too, and you will love how it will smell like brand new sneakers when you get to use them in your travels. 

Protect your suede sneakers

Cleaning your suede sneakers is not enough as you need to protect the fabric to care for this shoe. Use a suede protector after cleaning and drying the shoe. Then leave it with the treatment overnight to dry well.

If you have a quality suede protector, you only have to do these treatment ones in eight months. However, be aware of weightier products that tend to leave a white film over the sneaker.

After all, you want to treat your shoes, not leave it with suede protector stains, and having to repeat the procedure. Consider buying a spray from a trusted source and it will serve you for a long time.

Consider the fabrics on the sneaker 

How to Take Care of Your Sneakers

To care for your shoes, you must consider the fabrics present in the design of the sneakers. Some sneakers have a cotton mesh upper, that when you clean you need to consider the bristle that you are using.

A stiffer bristle will make the mesh peel up, damaging the look of the shoe. Therefore, have various brushes to use depending on the fabric you have to clean. Sneakers with leather fabric, you can use a conventional leather shoe spray that will help care for this fabric.

To sum up, with the above ways that you can practice to care for your sneakers, you can have them last longer and look as cool every time.

Many people avoid trying some of these basic ways to care for their sneakers until the sneakers start looking rugged, and by that time it is too late to improve the sneaker look. Clean your soles too, and ensure that you store your sneakers well as it is part of the care and maintenance.

Care of Your Sneakers