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Casual Men's Shoes - How to Find The Best Pair?

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A man in current society should look not only tidy but also stylish. It is possible to combine these two qualities and at the same time without prejudice to the legs. Stylish men's shoes can be both beautiful and comfortable. Whatever one may say, choosing a pair, convenience is the main advantage. But what if comfort and style can be combined? Comfortable, according to the latest fashion trends, casual shoes for men are no longer a myth!

A man can be attractive not only by choosing the right wardrobe but simply by choosing the right shoes! It will be a business meeting, a date, or a simple walk in the park. In any situation, a young man feels more confident in a pair of men's shoes that are clean and comfortable for him. You can even come to a meeting with business partners in casual shoes that look amazing in combination with a business suit.

What should be casual men's shoes?

A common feature of men's casual shoes is versatility and comfort. This style combines different age categories, social statuses, and creative views. In addition to comfort in everyday men's wardrobe, I also want to see fashionable

trend. That is why the requirements for men's shoes in everyday life are:

  1. comfort;
  2. practicality;
  3. seasonality;
  4. quality;
  5. wear resistance;
  6. aesthetic appearance.

The wardrobe of a modern man should have several options for everyday use. Some of them are characterized by newfangled design, some are durable, some are ergonomic soles, and other advantages in


Types of casual men's shoes

In the shoe market, men's shoes are casual and not only simply overwhelming with their number of variations. A wide range allows you to choose your perfect pair.

When choosing men's models for everyday wear, you need to take into account the season. There is a pair for every season. Consider the most popular options:

  • sneakers - the most common models, you can wear both under jeans and for a “special” occasion, choosing the right clothes; they remain the most favorite types of shoes among the male, outdoor enthusiasts prefer them;
  • moccasins, slip-on - ideal for many occasions, they are light and soft, demi-season and summer, suede and leather; the design allows you to firmly stay on the leg without laces;
  • derbies or oxfords - a more classic look for everyday wear;

Quality casual shoes are a must-have for every man. Choose the model that suits the style and size. Don't stop at one pair! You can find and buy men's shoes, both every day and for a special event, in the RM Williams.


By definition, this pair of shoes is without laces. Most loafers are made from leather, less often from suede. The classic penny loafers came from Europe and were made popular by US students in the 20s and 30s. A distinctive feature is a strip of leather running along, and a solid flap of leather running across, at the top - firmware.

Pay attention to the quality of the stitching of the outer seam. In summer, you can experiment with the color of loafers, you can choose not brown, but dark blue or olive. Loafers have a classic design, they are versatile, do not attract attention to themselves, they can be worn both for going out and for every day. Light shades give a casual look, while darker ones can be worn with a suit.

Travel shoes

Travel shoes need to be comfortable, easy to put on and take off, look good and matter. One option is penny loafers. You don’t want to take several pairs of shoes on a trip, and loafers will be combined with elegant and simple clothes. Also for traveling, especially in bad weather, Chelsea boots or zip-up boots are suitable.

Casual shoes

Leather shoes that take the shape of the foot over time. For example, it can be monk shoes with buckles.

Weather shoes

Shoes for severe weather conditions. Boots should be set off the ground and still have a good grip on the ground.


Sneakers, white sneakers should be in a man's shoe wardrobe, but consider purchasing dark-colored leather sneakers. They give the image a formal look, and dirt is not so noticeable on them.

Favorite pair

There should be a pair in the wardrobe that makes you feel like a rock star. You know how to wear this pair, what to combine with, and you are comfortable in it. These shoes must be kept clean. In such shoes, you will receive compliments. For example, it can be suede Cossack boots. If this is a complex model, then you can choose more classic boots, but with interesting detail, such as broaching. It is the details and decorations that will draw attention to your shoes.

Casual Men's Shoes