5 Ways To Wear Chinos For Men
June 20, 2024

5 Ways To Wear Chinos For Men

Love chinos? Honestly, we're not huge fans of chinos here at PS. We love our denim more. Not because chinos are less cooler or something, but they demand a lot of care and maintenance. And probably we're not up for that challenge. 

Chinos are really cool. If you are up for some hard work of taking good care of your chinos then they can greatly enhance your overall look.  

The main problem with chinos is that they are so common and so comfortable, it is really easy to come off as basic when you are styling them. To style chinos into an outfit that is actually en-vogue can be a pretty tricky job, especially if you do not know your way around the wide range of options available when it comes to their cuts and fabrics.

Once you figure out the kinds of chinos that work well for you, both in terms of their tailoring and their texture, you have to figure out what kind of chinos work best in what kind of outfits. Otherwise, the resulting outfit can look like it is too messy as if no effort has gone behind it. And an outfit should look effortless, but never messy.

So, if you're looking some (chinos style) inspiration, look no further. This street style blogger from Germany knows how to wear your chinos the coolest possible way.

If you glance through Konstantin's Instagram page, you'll immediately notice how amazingly he wears his chinos. 

We've curated our favorite looks from his Instagram page. Hope you'll love them. 

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5 Ways To Wear Chinos For Men

Men's Chinos Outfit 1

This first outfit works as a great option for a day out, as well as an option for casual workwear, especially if you prefer laidback smart-formals. The chinos are in a classic camel tone, and this is a really fitted one – so the rest of your outfit will have to be aligned to its silhouette.

Pair this with a classic white shirt and match the white of the shirt with a pair of neutral light grey sneakers. Go for a dark grey denim jacket to complete the look, but don’t go for a really chunky jacket. Going for a lighter one keeps the look more within the smart-formals range.

5 Ways to wear chinos

Men's Chinos Outfit 2

This is another great option for a day out, and a really great outfit for a trip or even for sailing. The lighter, summery shades of the outfit make it perfect for the day, especially if you are in a hot and humid area. The off-white chinos are perfect for many other outfits, and folding the bottoms will give you a more structured look.

The white sneakers are great for walking around, but make sure you have a way to keep them clean. The light blue shirt is the star of this look. Keep the shirt crisp and fitted, and accessorize with a pair of dark shades and a simple watch to complete your look.

5 ways to wear chinos for men

Men's Chinos Outfit 3

We are getting into a more experimental combination with this one, but if you can pull it off – you will make a real impact with this look. There is an obvious grunge appeal to it, mostly because of the dark taupe chinos and the duffel bag.

The taupe chinos have a slightly shiny, reflective texture, so make sure you keep the rest of the colors matte so as to not overdo the shine. Pair the chinos with a classic black tee and a denim jacket. You can accessorize with some white sneakers to add some lightness to the look, and go for a simple silver strapped watch.

5 ways to wear chinos for men

Men's Chinos Outfit 4

We cannot make a list of outfits featuring chinos and not include a classic black-and-white combination. Neutrals are a hit, almost always, and with colors as balanced as black and white – you cannot go wrong. Start with ankle-length chinos.

These have a more relaxed fit than most of the other chinos we have featured here. Pair this with a simple white tee and layer this with a sleek and suave black biker’s jacket. You can go for something with really minimalistic chains like the one here to keep the whole look minimalistic. Finish the look with a pair of grey penny loafers.

5 ways to wear chinos for men

Men's Chinos Outfit 5

Here is another combination featuring a biker’s jacket that you can try out when styling your chinos. You do not always have to go for a pair of chinos that match directly with your jacket, you can go for a more unconventional choice of color.

The slate grey ones here complement the darker tones of the black biker’s jacket and the black tee, forming a very strong base for the rest of the look. Finish the look with white shoes and some dark shades. You can also add a handy black backpack to make this look more functional.

5 ways to wear chinos for men

5 ways to wear chinos


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