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What Theme Of Wedding Suits Your Personality

Getting married is the most magical day of your life. The day will be filled with love and promises, and people around you will be more than happy that you’re finally tying the knot with the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. 

Before getting married, there’s a lot of wedding planning that you need to do, one of which is choosing a theme. 

When it comes to wedding themes, there are a lot of things that you should consider for it to represent your personality. From shopping for a wedding ring to the perfect wedding dress to all the frills of building your wedding theme there are a lot of details to nail down.

In addition to picking a theme for your wedding is also the flowers, which must also match your personality. If you’re having trouble choosing one, The Bouqs Co. would be able to provide you with amazing suggestions that’ll match your wedding theme. 

Having a wedding theme and a wedding flower that both match your personality will make the entire event feel more about you; it’ll become more personal. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy the outcome of your wedding since it’s what you wanted.

To help you out, here are popular wedding themes that may match your personality:

What Theme Of Wedding Suits Your Personality


If you love a classic, traditional wedding, this is the best option for you. When it comes to the wedding theme, this is one of the most popular choices since it provides a romantic look that you’ve dreamed of since you were little. Also, this is a great option if you want a theme that would be appreciated by everyone. 

Usually, a classic/traditional wedding theme is composed of light colors that are in white and other soft colors, such as light pink, lavender, baby blue, and soft yellow. 


If you’re into vintage look and appreciate great finds at a flea market, the rustic theme would be the best theme for your wedding. A rustic theme is usually held in farms, barns, or any place that has an element of greenery and natural wood. Most of the time, the decorations will be composed of woods and greenery and a touch of white. 

A rustic/vintage wedding theme is also an excellent choice if you’re into an eco-friendly lifestyle since zero-waste can be implemented with this theme, such as the use of paper straws, recycled napkins, and anything that’s made of recycled materials, such as jute strings, burlaps, and recycled paper. These materials will perfectly match your theme as well as save the environment. 


If you’re in love with nature and the thought of being surrounded by flowers, the best option would be a garden/outdoor theme. Having this theme allows you to be in touch with nature, which is important if you’re the type of person that really loves the outdoors.

 When you choose this wedding theme, you should take into consideration any weather forecast. You shouldn’t have an outdoor wedding if it’s going to rain. Your guests would be uncomfortable during the event and may leave early. 

What Theme Of Wedding Suits Your Personality

Fancy and Glamorous 

If you’re into glamorous clothing and you want everything to be extra because that’s just the way you are, the fancy and glamorous theme would be perfect for you. By having this theme, you’ll be escaping from the usual classic and traditional themes. 

With this theme, you’ll be giving your wedding something extra. You could have a giant ice sculpture, a Broadway show-type of dance floor, heavy ceiling decorations, intense centerpiece elements, and you could even enter your wedding via carriage. 


If you love the ocean, a beach wedding may be the best theme for you. Having one allows you to enjoy the cold breeze of air touching your skin, the sand on your feet, and the sound of the waves serenading your wedding ceremony.

If you love going to the beach and going on adventures, having a destination wedding at the beach would speak more of you. Not only will you be able to spend your time in the ocean, but you’ll also be able to share its beauty with your guests. 


If you’re into modern art, geometric shapes, and minimal design, the modern theme would work perfectly for you. You can add a structural backdrop to your wedding, have a modern wedding gown, geometrically shaped invitations, and have a bold color scheme. 


Picking a wedding theme based on your personality will help make your wedding more personalized. Not only will guests get to know the real you, but you’d enjoy the view of your venue as those are the things that you’re looking for. 

When your wedding theme matches your personality, it would truly make your wedding the most magical day of your life.

What Theme Of Wedding Suits Your Personality