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7 Secrets To A Fun Wedding Reception

Congratulations on your engagement!

It’s finally time that you start with the wedding planning. 

Of course, the wedding day is about celebrating the love between you and your partner. But there’s another goal at hand: Throwing an epic wedding reception that becomes the talk of the town. 

But how do you make your big day personal and unique yet fun and memorable for others?

Take inspiration from the below-mentioned wedding ideas. 

7 Secrets To A Fun Wedding Reception

Figure Out The Venue And The Seating Arrangement=

The wedding venue is the most crucial decision you will have to make. So ensure you don’t compromise on your liking and double-check the security of the location. 

Besides that, arrange the seating thoughtfully. You don’t want to place all the kids together. Instead, put them close to their parents. 

Don’t make the mistake of seating strangers together. A good rule of thumb is to place people with other people they know. Also, put singles on one table for potential flirtation.

Welcome Guests With Awesome Favors

Guests are always obsessed with wedding favors. 

So whether you are hosting a destination wedding or grand hometown reception, appreciate your guests by welcoming them with welcome bags. 

Add snacks, a bottle of wine, wedding brooches in the bag. Their excitement will reach nine clouds after receiving such a warm welcome.

Put Up Photo Booths

Hire the best wedding decorators and photographers from the best entertainment companies in DC. Choose a hashtag for your wedding and ask the decorators to install photo booths corresponding to the theme. 

The guests will love getting clicked with all those props and hashtag your wedding hashtag on their social accounts. Isn’t that a great idea to become the toast of the town?

Make Sure The Wedding Band Has Great Music

We have all attended weddings wherein the band is always out of sync. As soon as the guests arrive on the dance floor to show the best moves that they got, the band takes a break.

It sounds frustrating, right?

To ensure nothing like that happens at your wedding, hire the best wedding music bands and inform them to prepare fillers.

Also, check their song selection before they play on your big day.

Set Up An Open Bar

An open bar is a must-have for every wedding reception. While setting it up can be pricey, there are many other ways in which you can stay under a set budget. 

Make your own margarita bar or serve a few beers with wine and cocktail options. 

Ensure The Food Is Good

Put yourself in the guests’ shoes’ and imagine what they would like to eat at a wedding reception. Set your menu accordingly.

However, don’t forget to add your favorite food on the list. At last, it’s your wedding. Everything from decoration to the food should have certain ingredients to your liking.

Moreover, arrange for the caterers to serve late-night snacks. Everyone who extended their stay at the reception will enjoy french fries, donuts, pizzas, and some coffee at midnight.

Organize Wedding Games

Plan surprise games for guests to engage and interact, probably towards the end of the ceremony. You and your partner should also become a part of this celebration, and have a little fun playing bocce ball, oversize Jenga, and backgammon.

Final Words

Stating the obvious, you and your partner will cherish the memory forever, but your guests will focus more on the reception. 

This in no way means that they don’t care about the ceremony; they just want to have a fun time. Don’t sweat if you don’t know where to begin with your wedding plan.

Read this article and start on the right foot.

Hopefully, this was helpful!

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