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Make It Personal: Tips on Choosing Wedding Invitations

Just got engaged? Congratulations! The euphoria should be over the top, but you should pull yourself together because there's plenty of work that needs to be done. You need to think about so many things, including the perfect invitation.

Invitations might just be the most critical detail of your wedding!

Providing information about a future event is the primary purpose of an invitation. The date, venue, dress code: everything needs to be clear. However, you don't want to make it too formal. Your wedding day may be the biggest day for you in the next few years, and so it will be for your closest friends. There are always those distant relatives and friends of friends that need to be invited but think of the really special people that share the same euphoria as you do.

The invitation is the very first thing people will see when it comes to your wedding, meaning that you should make an effort on setting the tone and make those people feel welcome and excited.

Here's the ultimate guide to personalize your invitations and grab people's attention.

#1. Pick a theme

This applies to both the invitations and the actual wedding. Even if you don't have a clear vision of your future wedding yet, you should at least settle on colours for starters. 

For instance, if you prefer a formal, black-tie wedding, the invites should match that formality. Setting up the tone is essential. It's like a long-term advertising strategy. You're past the point of popularizing your wedding, and you want to bring awareness and prepare your guests for what it's going to be like.

#2. Consider the wording

While the colour design gives the overall impression, the wording is what gives the actual concept and details. When it comes to wedding invitations, you should take your time to perfect every last detail, and this is especially true for the wording. 

You should consider the font, the amount of text, should it be strictly formal or a funky invitation? This is up to you and your designer. 

#3. Match invitations with the package

Don't just think about the paper needed for the actual invitation but for the envelope, response messages, and everything else that you might need to send out. This is not only design-wise but buying these as a set will save you money. You can also opt for DIY wedding invitations

#4. Make it about you and your loved one

This is your wedding day, after all. As for your guests, that beautiful piece of paper will remain as a memory. Your friends and family may want to put the invitation on their shelf or in a scrapbook with their favourite memories. This also shows intimacy, even the friends out of the inner circles will feel special with a personal invitation. 

#5. When to send?

Okay, so you have completed the steps from above, came up with the perfect design, wording (you should also proofread that), packed the whole thing, and made it personal and sweet. So, when to send the invitations? 

As a rule of thumb, people send the invitations 8 to 10 weeks before the wedding day.

Well, it seems like you are good to go. While there are many other things yet to be planned, you are just one step closer to making this memorable day a truly remarkable event. Congratulations once again and enjoy!

Tips on Choosing Wedding Invitations