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The Comfy Clothing Essentials You Need For An All-Night Gaming Session

All-Night Gaming Session

When you’re spending all night gaming, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable in the clothes you’re wearing – it could distract you from the game you’re playing when you’re stuck in tight-fitting clothes or scratchy materials that constantly make you itch.

Although you may not be planning to put on a fashion show – unless you’ll be live streaming at the same time – it’s still important to think about what you’re wearing before you log on to your favorite game. The last thing you’d want to do is have to get up in the middle of a high-stakes poker tournament because you’re wearing tight jeans or an itchy top. If you’re not sure how to serve looks while you’re sitting in the gaming chair, here are the comfy clothing essentials that every gamer needs for an all-night gaming marathon.

First, What Game Are You Playing?

The game you’re playing can have a big impact on the type of outfit you plan to put together, it never hurts to be on theme. If you’re a frequent visitor of online casinos, you may want to embody the glitz and glamour of a real-life casino, just in a more toned-down fashion. For traditional blackjack games that you’re streaming online, you may want to show your opponents that you mean business by wearing something smart and professional on top, like a smart shirt. Table games are often more mental than you’d think, and a power suit can psych out your competitors – even if you’re just wearing pajamas underneath.

If you’re playing a creative, adventure-packed game, you may also want to be a bit more out there when it comes to the outfit you put together. Think of the colors used in the game and the different characters that you play alongside to inspire your outfit and help mentally immerse yourself in the game once you’ve logged on.

Wear Pajamas or Sweatpants 

There’s nothing more comfortable than throwing on a comfortable pair of pajamas or sweatpants before sitting down in your gaming chair and preparing for an all-night gaming session, so don’t think that you should just stay in the jeans you’ve been wearing all day – you’ll come to regret it!

Choose a pair that come in breathable materials like cotton or fleece that have the perfect balance of warmth and comfort while you’re playing. These garments are also loose-fitting so you can freely move around while you’re playing without feeling too restricted.

Even if you’re planning to be live streaming your games, or sitting on Zoom with some of your friends, most of the time the camera will not be on the bottom half of your body so you don’t need to worry about other people seeing you in your pajamas. In this instance, comfort should come before style.

It’s Time To Bring Out The Cozy Socks

Keep your feet extra cozy throughout the night by putting on a pair of the coziest socks you own, preferably in a super soft material that will feel like you’re feet are being cuddled by a cloud.

We prefer to buy socks that are made from materials like cotton or wool as these tend to be the most comfortable, but still breathable so your feet don’t get too hot and sticky during the more intense parts of your gaming evening.

Don’t Forget Slippers or Comfortable Shoes

In the same vein as the previous point, you should also have a pair of slippers or shoes at the ready to provide your feet with some support while you’re gaming.

There are loads of different types of slippers that you can choose from which will depend on what type of shoe you prefer. You may like the full boot options that go above the ankles, which are especially great for the colder months, or you may like wearing something that’s a bit more breathable like an open-toed pair of sliders.

Come To Your Gaming Session Prepared With Layering Options

Things can change very quickly throughout a long gaming session, and you don’t want to have to keep on getting up and down to make the trip over to your wardrobe. This is why it’s so important to have pieces that you can layer easily with each other and remove/add to your outfit when needed.

Starting with a comfy t-shirt underneath, you could add a lightweight hoodie or cardigan to the mix to add some warmth when needed but aren’t too easy to remove when you start to get a little too hot. You might even want to have some type of scarf or blanket laying over your chair if you forget to switch your AC off and it starts to get a little chilly in your gaming room.

Although we said it’s not a fashion show, there are ways that you can dress up your loungewear if you do want to make the effort. It’s your gaming session, so it’s also up to you what you wear!