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10 Effective Dating Tips For Men In Their Forties

Being a single man in your forties can be the most exciting time of your life -- or it can be lonely and pathetic. It largely depends how much care you took of yourself in your twenties and thirties! If you’ve been living life the right way, you have the best chance ever of dating high-quality women.

After all, most older men have extra intelligence, wisdom, self-acceptance, wealth and awesome stories to share. These are all qualities that women find incredibly attractive. With that said, there are a few important tips about dating in your forties that you should know in order to maximize your chances of winning over an amazing woman.

Read on for our list of ten effective dating tips for men in their forties.

1. Take care of your appearance

The difference between a handsome 40-something and a “gross” one is mostly based on the work you put in. Sadly, you can’t get by on genetics alone once you hit middle-age. 

That means you need to get to the gym, eat healthily and improve your grooming routine. This alone will put you ahead of most 40-somethings in terms of appearance, especially if you’ve already been doing it for decades.

2. Dress well

When you dress well on your dates, it communicates all the right things. Firstly, it shows you respect yourself enough to take care of your appearance. Secondly, it communicates wealth and status. 

Finally, your date will appreciate that you’re making an effort to impress her. She’s less likely to be worried about an age gap if you’re dressing sharper than most of the dudes her age. So, check out this guide on upcoming Autumn fashion trends for men.

3. Have a bustling social life

When you have a life filled with great friends, fun hobbies and exciting social engagements, your dating life naturally becomes a lot easier. For starters, you’re giving yourself more opportunities to meet great women. On top of that, there’s every chance you’re living a life that a beautiful woman would want to be part of.

Perhaps most importantly of all though, a bustling social life will naturally stop you acting too desperate around the women you want to date and actually getting comfortable. It’s the guys with nothing going on in their lives, apart from the prospect of getting a girlfriend, who tend to act too needy towards women. For a little more direction, check out this list of flirty questions to ask a girl here that can really help you keep a fun conversation going.

4. Choose the best online dating websites

If you do go down the route of online dating, it’s important to choose your platform carefully. Some of the mainstream online dating apps might be fantastic for millennials and teenagers, yet desperately short of women hoping to date older guys.  

At the other end of the spectrum, there are lesser-known websites especially for younger women seeking older men, but a lot of these are scammy and expensive. 

5. Have a social media presence

You might think that social media is only for self-obsessed and immature youngsters, and you’re mostly right. Nevertheless, it’s still important for you to have a presence there. When you do, a woman gets to learn more about what your life is like without you having to brag about it. 

If your social media profiles showcase an attractive lifestyle with cool friends, fun hobbies and significant social status, she’ll feel more comfortable about the idea of going on a date with you. 

6. Stop simping!

There has been an alarming trend of men overwhelming women with compliments and sending them money based on nothing but how great they look on social media. Men who do this have been dubbed as simps. They are mocked mercilessly across the internet, mostly because this strategy doesn’t help them get dates.

Don’t be a simp!

7. Don’t be cheap 

A key advantage for women dating older men is they’re more likely to be well-established financially (as well as emotionally). An older man can take her on fancier dates. 

Yes, you should be careful to screen women who only want you for your money. At the same time, take care not to put off a well-intentioned woman by being a cheapskate. 

8. Be picky when it comes to who you date

Hopefully, as a 40-something man, you have important missions in your life other than chasing some tail. Don’t be that guy who agrees to dates he’s not excited about just because you’re lonely and horny. That’s a recipe for bitterness towards women. 

Keep your standards high and you’ll be far more excited about the prospect of dating in general. Perhaps that means you go on less dates overall. So what? At 40+ years old, you should have a ton of other fulfilling activities to spend your time on. 

Here’s the ironic thing. When you at least act as if that’s true, it gives space for women to chase you. In many cases, they will do so and it’ll make the pursuit of that hot date much easier.   

9. Draw boundaries and stick to them

If a woman oversteps one of your personal boundaries, call her out on it. Let her know that you won’t accept that. When a man lets a woman get away with acting bratty, she will continue to do so throughout their entire relationship. That’s if she sticks around at all. 

A lot of women will lose respect and attraction when a man doesn’t have solid personal boundaries. 

10. Have fun! 

Don’t be that bitter old man who despises the dating game and everyone who is still playing it. With that attitude, you’re destined to put off all the wonderful women who might have otherwise loved spending time with you. 

Use your singledom as an opportunity to find the joy in trying new things, discovering new places, and meeting new women! When you focus on having fun rather than making her like you, it’s far more likely to be an enjoyable date for both of you.  

10 Effective Dating Tips For Men In Their Forties