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Autumn Is Coming: Male Fashion Trends On The Horizon

Believe it or not, next month signals the start of autumn. As well as the darker nights and usual seasonal differences, fashionistas also have a new wardrobe to consider.

While the fashion shows have been somewhat different this year, the designers have still been in full flow putting together the next season of garments. As such, whether you are visiting Covent Garden or your local shopping area of choice, keep an eye out for the following male fashion trends which might shape your buying choices over the course of the next few months.

Not for interviews; the skin bearing suit

For as long as the world spins round suits will be big on the male fashion scene.

However, this autumn comes a difference. The shirt has been eradicated and we're left with something that designers are terming the skin-bearing suit.

If you cast your mind back to last winter, suits were commonly being paired with roll-neck sweaters. Suffice to say, such an approach is over (At least for this season) and any unbuttoned suit jacket is acceptable on its own.

OK for interviews - black and white

With that being said, for those guys who are looking to tiptoe into more formal territory, a black and white solution is on its way. Black suits, white shirts and ultra-skinny ties are huge on the scene right now - and work wonders in the office (at least, for those of you who are making it to the office).

Subtle design features, such as pinstripes, are still acceptable and the main buzzwords with this trend focus around slim fit, black and white. In other words, a formal suit of contrast.

What about vibrance enthusiasts?

Of course, while it might be high on the charts, the black and white appearance isn't for everyone. Some will find it overly safe, and this is where this next trend comes into the picture.

Put simply, this is anything-but safe. Neon-pink is in - for anyone who dares. Boss have been one brand who have well and truly embraced this and while we probably wouldn't suggest it for the office, for any head-turning event (within reason) it can work charmingly.

Leather is back

In truth, it never went away. However, it could be argued that designers are pushing leather to the limit again. Many of the fashion shows are highlighting outfits which are fully immersed in leather, in something of a biker look.

Let's wind back the clock

Finally, let's take a trip down memory lane and reinvent the wheel. If the designers at the likes of Gucci and Vetements are to be believed (and they quite often are), vintage clothing is completely on-trend.

Some would class this as flower prints, others would suggest it's more about guys turning to a so-called granny-look. Either way, if you see anything that was seemingly on the shelves several decades ago, there's a high chance you're seeing the vintage era making a resounding resurgence. We still have some ways to get back to normal, but at least you can dress for the occasion!

Male Fashion Trends For Autumn