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Who is Breast Reduction Surgery For?

You might be wondering where you can get breast reduction in Beverly Hills. If you are wondering about breast reduction surgery in Beverly Hills, you might also be wondering if breast reduction surgery is for you. Having oversized breasts can be a burden for women more than the average person may realize. Large breasts can cause physical discomfort as well as emotional distress.

The weight of oversized breasts can lead to chronic neck and back pain, leaving women feeling discomfort for a lifetime. It can also create a lower self-esteem and make women feel more insecure when clothes don’t fit the way they are supposed to. If some of these things listed feel relatable, then finding a place for a breast reduction in Beverly Hills might be for you.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Is Breast Reduction Surgery For You?

If you are considering getting a breast reduction in Beverly Hills, you are not alone. Many women have made the decision to reduce the size of their breasts in order to experience relief from much of the discomfort they have felt from oversized breasts. Larger breasts can cause women to be ‘front’ heavy, leading to poor posture and back pain.

As your body tries to compensate for the unbalanced weight, injuries may occur in the neck, shoulders, or back. Although culture might encourage women to have larger breasts, there are many women who experience much discomfort from having breasts that feel oversized. If you are someone who experiences physical discomfort from oversized breasts, then breast reduction surgery in Beverly Hills is something to consider.

Women can also experience emotional distress from carrying the burden of larger breasts. Dress codes can be hard to meet, and clothing choices may be slim. It can be defeating for women with larger breasts to not be able to wear clothing that they would otherwise wear if they had average size breasts. Larger breasts also can draw more attention than smaller breasts, sometimes leaving women feeling insecure and worried about how they look. Women looking for breast reduction in Beverly Hills may be experiencing some of this distress.

How Does the Surgery Work?

Women may be interested in breast reduction surgery, but might be nervous because they don’t understand how the procedure works. First, you can schedule a consultation with a doctor in-person or virtually. During your consultation you can express your concerns and desires for the result of the procedure. There are a few different techniques the doctor can do when performing the surgery. Two of the common incision patterns are the anchor and the lollipop. They will also discuss how the nipple pedicle will be designed.

The options for a nipple pedicle are inferior, superior, and medial pedicles. All of these options are discussed during your consultation to ensure expectations are met to the best of the doctor’s ability. The doctor can then give their professional recommendations and an idea of how they would accomplish your desires to the best of their ability. Next, the doctor will schedule a surgery. The surgery can be done as an outpatient procedure and the patient can go home the same day.

Other Perks of Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery has multiple benefits for women who have oversized breasts. The bra tends to carry most of the weight of a woman’s breast. This means that women with oversized breasts may have grooves in their shoulders from bra straps digging into their skin. Larger breasts can also cause skin folds which can lead to irritated skin from the folds rubbing together. With breast reduction surgery, women can wear bras without them digging into their shoulders. They can also eliminate skin folds that exist from oversized breasts and keep the skin from getting so irritated. Exercise for women with oversized breasts can also be burdensome.

A physical exercise can cause excessive neck and back discomfort from the heavy weight on the front of the body. With breast reduction surgery, women may be more inclined to exercise and take care of their bodies if they are not experiencing the discomfort they would normally have with larger breasts. Other activities like bending over, standing up, and sleeping can be more difficult with women who have oversized breasts. Having a procedure done to reduce the size of larger breasts may allow daily activities to become easier for women who were experiencing discomfort from larger breasts beforehand.

Happier Living

Women with oversized breasts may experience discomfort physically in areas such as their neck, shoulders and back. They may also experience emotional distress from feeling insecure and having low self-esteem from having oversized breasts. Women who experience these symptoms from larger breasts may consider breast reduction in Beverly Hills to eliminate the feelings of heaviness on their chest and reduce discomfort throughout the body. Breast reduction surgery can help women feel lighter and make daily living easier than it was before.