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Quick Ways to Improve One’s Self-Esteem

No matter how old you are, there is only one goal common to all of us, happiness.

Satisfaction in life is inexplicably linked to our personal level of self-esteem. You can call it confidence, security, or faith in one’s self---they all mean the same thing.

One study found that our self-esteem seems to peak at the age of sixty and gradually declines in the coming decades. This is usually the phase of retirement for a lot of people. At sixty, people are usually expected to have met their needs in life with fewer financial obligations, social burdens, and unexplored potentials.

Since you are reading this, it is more likely that you are not there yet. And probably you are in the state of telling yourself that "i hate myself" or you are probably still working on your self-actualization and struggling. Hang in there. We will share with you small but sure ways to get that boost of confidence.

Every day, check if you can say that these statements are true about yourself:

I am taking good care of my body and my self

Health is wealth and great health will reflect on your aura and moods. If you show yourself some love, this will invariably be felt by the people around you. You need to take care of yourself by controlling your sleeping and eating habits. Those decisions will have a lasting effect on your general well-being. When you are able to cover the basics, you can get yourself ready for the next step.

I am going on my own unique journey

It is easy to get into this trap, especially with the prevalence of social media. You need to stop comparing yourself to your neighbor. When you keep contrasting your progress to those of the people around you, you will never realize your own unique potential. You can fall into the habit of wanting to copy what others have, when this might not be right for you. Be kind to yourself and let this go, so you can focus on your own journey.

I know my own strengths, limitations, and accomplishments

Take a break for reflection so you can really look within. It’s time to know if you have set realistic goals for yourself. Affirming your strengths, limitations, and accomplishments will help you set the bar right for your plans, because with unrealistic aims, you are only setting yourself up for failure. We all have a purpose in life and when we know this purpose, we open ourselves to the best strategies to guide our way.

I never have to say I don’t feel like doing anything

Our self-esteem is tied with the energy in our body. Happiness will come naturally when we feel secure and sure of ourselves. There will be days when you might want to stay in bed and go on a streaming marathon with only yourself and a tub of ice cream.

On days like this, it will be necessary to go back to the first step. Shower yourself with the self-love you deserve before taking on your fears and working to get your energy at the right level.

Whether you reach your highest level of self-esteem today or tomorrow, life is a continuing journey that will have its highs and lows. The fact that you are here, reading this today, is proof that you are on the right track. 

Quick Ways to Improve One’s Self-Esteem