6 Dresses for University Graduation
March 27, 2024

What Dress to Wear on University Graduation?

Stepping up to the podium to get your honorary handshake from the chancellor or rector is such a dream come true. A journey that may have started years back just came to full completion and your feeling of achievement sealed in. 

As you step out with the graduates to get your honors, your level of pride is most likely going off the scale and you're screaming "I did it!" in your head. Just like every special occasion, dressing up is a good way to savor the memories of turning one of your dreams into a reality. Your graduation outfit speaks on how prepared you were to receive your certificate and in years to come, you will look back at your grad picks and thank yourself for not letting a bad day or mood get in the way of your special day. 

Maybe you don't know what to wear on university graduation or you're on last-minute preps but still want to step out in style for your graduation, here are some awesome ways to look fly effortlessly:

White Dress

What Dress

A white bodycon dress will take your mood up the roof and perfect your graduation pics with friends. If you love a minimalistic style, a pristine white satin dress with a cowl neckline will indulge all your subtle pleasures for your grad. Nude or tan block heels will look great with your outfit. For a more dressed-up vibe, a bodycon dress with cutouts, ruffles, feathers, slits, or rhinestones will amp up the glam of your outfit for university graduation.

Some colleges have white as the color that all graduates should wear and while that can be cute sometimes, it's not everyone's 'Dreamy dress'. If this is you, it's completely fine, you can still have many options to perpetuate your graduation moment. Opt for other dress colors in your grad shoot and/or the reception, then stick with the white dress for the main event. 

Black Dress

What Dress

You didn't give up on your dreams and for your graduation, you're realising that it was all worth it. A little black dress can be a depiction of how you feel about your journey. The sleepless nights, the long study hours, the tears, and even the joys, yet in the end, you made it throughout. One thing about the color black is that it wields so many emotions and if you love to give thoughts on the colors you wear on significant days, then this can be a good choice. 

You may just love the color black or want to slay it without any deep thoughts and symbolism, that's entirely cool. What matters is you believed you could and you did. A fit and flare style can put you in the celebratory mood and a bodycon style can elevate your look while highlighting your figure. 

Blazer Dress

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Blazer dresses can put you in the big kid feel for your graduation. It's an elegant yet chic outfit to wear while reaching this milestone. Your photos should reflect your feeling of accomplishment and a blazer dress boasts of how proud you feel for the triumph. 

Bandage Dress

What Dress

Planning to be snatched in your outfit and look super sleek on your grad day? A bandage dress can be a stunning way to save those graduation moments. Elegant cocktail dresses in the bandage style gear up your look by accentuating your curves and silhouette. Picking this style as your dress for university graduation will ensure you look and feel good on one of your proud days. 

Embellished Dress

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Sequins and rhinestones are both perfect embellishments to wear in your graduation dress. The shine and glam ensure you steal the spots with your highlights. Mild embellishments are usually the preferred pick as heavy studs can make you look needy and cancel out the intention of an effortless look. 

White Jumpsuit

What Dress

If you don't feel like wearing a dress for university graduation, then you don't have to. A jumpsuit in white easily comes to mind because white is the graduation color in some universities. If it's not for your college, you're free to go with any other color that matches your vibe. To alternate for a dress and even a jumpsuit, you can try out a gorgeous power suit or a matching blazer and pants combo.

What Length of Dress is Perfect for University Graduation?

There are no rules to the length of dress you should wear for your graduation. However, midi and knee-length dresses are considered the perfect dress lengths for graduation. Why? Long and maxi length dresses can be a bit restrictive especially when marching to your seats or if you have to go through a flight of stairs. A mini dress on the other hand is considered an inappropriate outfit for university graduation in some schools. 


If you're still racking your head up about what to wear on university graduation, this guide should have unnerved you a bit. And if it didn't, maybe you already had a pick in mind but feel like weighing your options. We totally get that. The dress that has been on your mind may just be the perfect outfit for you. But if it's wayyy beyond your budget, you can check out SunsetFashionLA and see if you can find a cost-friendly option in their collection.