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How To Wear Skirts For Work

Dressing up for the office can feel extra challenging, especially when you don’t want to look the same every day. Yes, there’s a corporate fashion handbook to abide by, but this shouldn’t have to confine you only to the usual pants and suit or polo shirt combination. You can still look proper and decent, yet also functional, without sacrificing your style with another bottom: a skirt. 

No, we don’t mean just the usual A-line skirts, although you can’t go wrong with that, too. We’re talking flowy skirts, miniskirts (which should be distinguished from micro skirts), and pleated skirts. Whatever women’s skirts you have in your closet can be great for the office when you know how to mix, match, and style them to meet the standard of ‘business casual.’ 

Let this guide help you, so you can step into the office looking like you’ve just had a makeover. It’s time to bring out those skirts you’re originally saving for a special occasion. 

Skirts For Work

Add A Belt 

Adding a belt to your look, no matter how you’ve styled it, is one of the best ways to make it look more formal. You could wear a plain shirt (for those days when you’re allowed to be a bit more casual) and a flowy skirt, but still look put-together with a belt cinched on your waist. 

Besides making your skirt look more suitable for the office, wearing a belt also flatters all body types, so you don’t look frumpy. A good rule of thumb is that longer skirts go with thicker or wider belts, while shorter skirts are best paired with a narrow belt. 

Bring A Pop Of Color 

Whoever said that corporate attire only had to me monochromatic colors may have never tried what a joy it feels to have a pop of color in the office. You spend at least six to eight hours at work, so might as well make it fun. Gone are the days when it always has to be a boring vision of blacks, whites, and grays. 

Bringing a pop of color can be done with your skirt. Like any other fashion item, however, you must be careful enough to balance it. You can have a bright top, too, but only for as long as it abides by the color wheel

If you’re unsure, stick to having either black or white for your top so as not to attract too much attention. You can otherwise add more color through your accessories. 

Cover Up With A Midi Skirt 

For those who prefer longer skirts, you may find it challenging to wear maxi skirts to the office. It’s doable, yes, but there’s that added catch. Because maxi skirts already cut your leg’s length, it best goes with open sandals and not closed shoes. If your office encourages the wearing of closed shoes, then it’ll be hard to find a good compromise between style and the rules. 

A better type of skirt to opt for instead is a midi skirt. It’s like a cross between a mini skirt and a maxi skirt, usually at least a few inches below the knee. Midi skirts are decent but elegant, making them great for the office. 

No-fail ideas include pencil or pleated midi skirts. You can amp up the style factor by pairing the skirt with heels or wedges. 

Skirts For Work

Go For Sets

Just as there are matching blazer and pants combinations, there are also matching skirt and top sets, also known as coords. These are great for those days when you’re in a rush, and there’s no time to think about what to wear with your skirt.  

There could also be instances when you couldn’t find anything to match a skirt, and after rummaging through your wardrobe, you’re left with another mess to clean up. Rescue yourself from all these stressors by opting for coords instead. It’s like a dress, only that you have separate top and bottom.  

Loosen Up With A Denim Skirt 

Denim skirts can still be considered business casual if your company handbook allows it. You can always loosen up on a Friday with a denim skirt when that’s the case. You’re ready to end the work week and cap it off with a night out with your officemates. 

Because denim skirts are already casual as they are, you can make them more formal with at least an elegant top. Button-downs are there to save the day, or a nice, silky blouse, to name a few, items you can easily get from Sacha Drake and other similar boutiques.   

Final Style Tips 

Every girl certainly has that dream of looking their best, even in the office. Dressing up for the office is a bit more challenging, as there are dress codes you must follow. Nevertheless, it’s a fun challenge. Take a look at your office photos, and assess how you style your work clothes.

It’s not too late to give yourself a style makeover; start by making skirts part of your office attire. There are so many beautiful styles of skirts available from the affordable and high-street brands to the designer ones. Choose what flatters you most and what suits your fancy. 

How To Wear Skirts For Work