Ways to Incorporate Workwear into Your Everyday Wardrobe
February 28, 2022

Ways to Incorporate Workwear into Your Everyday Wardrobe

Fashion is not just limited to what you wear on the weekends. It's also found in your work wear! No matter where you work, there are a variety of clothing options to make your look polished and professional. Whether you're at an office job with strict dress codes or your profession has more lenient rules, incorporating some well-chosen pieces can take your look from drab to fab. Check out these tips for how to mix professional work wear into your everyday wardrobe.

1. Tailored Shirts & Pants

A tailored shirt will give any outfit that extra polish; it instantly makes a blazer (or jacket) seems like overkill. You should find a good fit if you go to a store specifically designed for this type of clothes, but I recommend shopping online. There are plenty of companies selling tailored shirts for as little as $10 per piece. For pants, you have similar choices tailored jeans, slacks, etc. These clothes tend to be quite expensive, so stick to brands like Levi's, Wrangler, Lee Jeans, and Gap if possible.

2. Solid Colors

If you don't like wearing white or black all of the time, try wearing solid colors whenever you can. When you're going for work wear, you want something that looks nice over everything else you're wearing. This doesn't mean you need to stop wearing color altogether, though, since it can still add some flair to even plain outfits. Just choose one color that stands out; whether it's blue, green, red, orange, or yellow, you get the idea. Be sure to pair it with neutral hues for maximum effect.

3. Colorful Accessories

The easiest way to change up your look is by adding accessories. A funky colorful belt, bag, scarf, or necklace adds a fun pop of color while keeping things practical and under control. If you're looking to spice things up, then think about the different colors you see when people sport their favorite team's flag. Sports shops typically sell a lot of colors and patterns, and they'll usually let you try them out before you buy anything. Use this technique to help you decide which colors to incorporate into your style.

4. Shoes & Handbags

Having great shoes and handbags goes beyond dressing up. They're both practical necessities that help keep our feet healthy. With all of the walking, we do at work, shoes that fit properly are essential. Plus, having a stylish purse gives us a place to put our phone or wallet. Even if you're not working in an industry that requires a lot of walking, investing in quality shoes and handbags can save you money and stress down the road. Companies like RWW Group workwear solutions is your tailored uniform solution offering custom uniforms and other apparel products, including business casual, executive, healthcare, industrial, interview, military, non-profit, police, safety, tailoring, utilities, virtual reality, and warehousing.

5. Dress Code: Don't Forget About It!

It seems like every workplace has its dress code. Some places require business attire, while others allow shorts and sneakers. That being said, most companies won't mind if you show a bit of skin as long as it fits within certain guidelines. But no matter how casual the dress code is, remember to follow the basic tenets of fashion etiquette. Don't wear raggedy t-shirts and torn jeans, because they'll leave a bad impression. And avoid bright colors that wash out when exposed to direct sunlight because they won't stand out as much.

Work wear isn't just about office wear anymore. It's becoming more popular than ever in industries such as construction, hospitality, retail, education, manufacturing, and transportation. That's why today's list details 5 ways to incorporate work wear into your everyday wardrobe. So don't worry when you step off the clock; there's no need to hide away in plain sight. It's quite easy to blend business casual and relaxed clothing without seeming too weird.