Trendy Swimwear For 2023
February 13, 2023

Trendy Swimwear For 2023

Now that the weather is turning pleasant soon, it's time to hit the beach and let go of all your worries! And when you're at the beach, you need to have a few trendy pieces to make heads turn.

In 2023, swimwear is going to be one of the hottest things ever, with a market size of USD $24.46 billion!

So if you're looking for some trendy ideas, then this article is just the right place for you!

Trendy Swimwear For 2023

1. Leopard or cheetah print

Gone are the days when leopard or cheetah-printed swimwear used to look "too flashy or bright." This is the year when women are bringing back these bold prints.

Even if you're not comfortable with a cheetah-printed bikini, you can always opt for a midi blouse in that style. Or go for an underwire one-piece swimsuit with a cute leopard print in caramel, yellow, and black.

For a more funky look, wear all-black bottoms with a leopard or cheetah-print bikini blouse. And don't worry about looking too bright or over-the-top because this print works in all environments, especially when you're splashing around in the water!

2. Bright colors

Another trend that women are bringing back, especially to the beach, is the concept of bright colors, including neon ones!

While colors like black, white, and gray looked cool, brightly-colored swimwear outlived them. So recently, women have started to pair neon colors with a matching neutral shade.

For example, you can wear a neon orange bikini and wrap a terracotta brown see-through coat or shawl to flaunt your beach style! Or, if you wish to go for a single color all over, try out funky fabrics instead of going for boring ones.

One popular color that seems to be on everyone's list this year is pastel purple or lilac, so try that out!

3. High-waisted bottoms

Let's be honest; high-waisted bikini bottoms are timeless pieces. So no matter how much the trend changes, this style is here to stay and slay!

No matter what kind of top you pair it with, your body will look beach-ready whenever you wear high-waisted bikini bottoms. But, of course, the ideal style is to wear a tankini, which is a cross between a tank top and a bikini blouse, with a high-waisted bikini bottom.

Have a print pair in rotation so that you can coordinate properly. For example, use a summer retro-style bottom with a complementary top in a solid color. If you're not really into prints, then make sure you have at least one black high-waist bikini bottom.

4. Strings and strap-based swimwear

For women who want to look super-bold and super-hot, there's good news because 2023 is going to trend with string and strap-based swimwear!

You'll now find bikinis and beach tops with thin straps for the top and bottom accessories. In addition, this year will feature cleaner lines along the straps and feminine detailing compared to last year.

If you're going for a triangular bikini, then a strap-based one will be your ideal choice. Even if you wear a one-piece swimsuit, you can choose one that has string details along the stomach or at the back.

Or wear a strap-based bikini top with a pair of stylish shorts for the ultimate beach look.

5. Floral prints

Along with bold prints, 2023 will also welcome cute floral prints in the swimwear market. So if you've been eyeing a few flowery thongs or bikinis, then go ahead and buy them!

Ditsy floral is a more subtle take on the original floral-printed swimwear, and it popularly features tiny flowers all over the swimsuit, along with flower buds or leaves.

However, you can even find sun-protected floral-printed swimwear in many online stores, so make sure you have ample protection from the sun's rays.

Rock your ditsy floral swimsuit by wearing a one-piece bikini or a floral-printed tankini paired with a cute thong or full-length pants.

Over to you…

This year, no matter what your body shape or size, these five styles will ensure that you look absolutely stunning on the beach.

And if you're unsure which style to choose, you can always try out different prints or shapes first and then go for the one that makes you feel the most beautiful!

Trendy Swimwear For 2023